Sunday, July 02, 2006

At home ...

After a very long and challenging day it is a joy to have been home for a few hours, to take a moment to appreciate all that I have, all that I am. To remember that I am not equal to the sum of my days experiences.

This lovely boy is Phantom, he is my un-cat. Phantom had a tough start to life and is pathetically grateful for every cuddle and moment of affection he receives. He doesn't quite match the rest of our family with the ginger hair, and human names. He doesn't quite trust Maggie (the woofer) or Charles ( my yet to be introduced pussy cat) and is as grateful of the affection Hamish gives as he is of mine. A few weeks ago I took him for his annual shots, he loves being held so much that he would not stop purring to have his heart listened to. We tried tapping his nose, listening as the needle went in, flicking his ear, all to no avail - he continued to loudly express his appreciation for all the attention from two humans.

Tonight I have started another hanging doll family and had an idea for a third. I have gesso'd the cover of a small journal - which has the working title of 'pink women', yep the pink bug has got me! I made a handful of ATC's too. So there are projects in the pipeline, but nothing to share yet.


Dotee said...

Hi Julie

I am sorry to hear you had a challenging day over the weekend. You are such a beautiful soul. I want nothing but the best for you. I do admire your attitude to life.

Thanks for sharing a pic of Phantom(loved how you call him a ' un' cat). What a beautiful boy! I am sure he loves living with you and your animal family. What a gorgeous story about his trip to the vet. I am smiling thinking about him purring so loudly that it was hard to hear his heart. A beautiful, beautiful boy.

He must be in pussycat heaven living with you. xoxo

One Crabapple said...

CAn't wait to see the Pink Women hanging dolls !

You are a wonderful writer Julie !

I enjoyed the story of Phantom so much.

I was laughing at his sweet eagerness and non stop purring. I guess his heart is fine with so much love spilling out.

He is a beauty as well.