Saturday, June 27, 2009

CIF Received and Elegant Ladies

I recently took part in a Create it Forward (CIF) hosted by the wonderful Steph from Belgium. Last week (yes, I am running late to post) these wonderful items arrived. A pendant that made my heart sing - that spoke to where I am; and the most comfortable bracelet in the whole world.
I have worn both of these pieces almost all week.
These elegant ladies dancing in a row make me smile; tiny antique dolls heads, vintage swarovski crystals, pretty beads and perhaps a little lace.
I am enjoying creating.
Perhaps they will sell from my Etsy, never mind if they don't , I will let them dance in my cave...

Saturday, June 13, 2009

NOT from a pet free home!

Charles seemed to recognise a friend on this journal, or perhaps he just wanted some attention as I dashed outside to photograph my latest journals and notebooks. We had a wonderful few moments of tummy rubs, tickles, and chase the camera cord - a quality interlude.
As soon as I saw the felt ribbon stick-ons in scrapbooking stores I knew that I would use them for backgrounds. The one used above was a bright lime green. It is very absorbent and I should have sealed it before I began adding layers of paint - I think there is half a tube of my beloved Golden Quin' Nickel Azo Gold on the front cover alone. The picture is a favourite vintage postcard of a lovely ginger cat.
These two notebooks started out at ATC's but I added to many layers (pegs and paint brushes to name a few) that made them too thick to fit in any plastic sleeve. The one above features an original vintage photo and mother-of-pearl button.
Now that I have started using my old paint brushes in my art I can justify buying some new ones :). Aren't the leaves wonderful? I picked the last of them from my liquid amber before the rains last weekend and they grace my dining table, a huge bowl of them colourful, crisp and yet so very warming.
No reason for this picture, just the cutest little dog in the world looking at me as I do the blog post and some other work on the net. Hug your purr and bark babies for me!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today's Silent Inspiration

One child's reject's,
One artist's treasure.