Monday, March 28, 2011

Good-bye Sweet Phantom

It feels odd blogging for the saddest of reasons after so long away, and yet it seemed a disservice to do otherwise. My dear friend, Phantom, celebrated his eighth birthday last week, and celebrated in fine style with a choice of kangaroo, chicken or tuna. He ate them all. He was loved, and happy.`
Phantom passed to his forever home on Saturday morning, in his usual style - no fuss - no complaints, and yet it appears he was bitten by a snake or poisoned - his end was not nice.
I was Phantoms third mother, and he snurred (purred and snored) at my feet for five lovely years. Never flustered, never fussy he let me carry him around when I needed the comfort and never complained when I was busy or distracted.

This was the easiest of purr babies taking any medication with a noisy purr and an affectionate head butt.

I long to take this beautiful boy in my arms and give him a cuddle one more time, to bury my face in his fur or rub noses with him.

Phantom delighted in the existing family when he came to us, and welcomed Archer and Harvey as they joined the family.
I am inarticulate, it is hard to accept he is gone. We miss Phantom.