Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paverpol Workshop

I spent a relaxing Saturday at a Paverpol workshop recently and Rachel is the result. A wispy woman with room for three rib cages, two stomachs and a womb or two.
I truly have no idea how I did not notice her long torso until I got home! None-the-less I am happy with her final form and my very first effort at this form of fabric sculpture.
Gallery 500 provided a warm and relaxing atmosphere for this class, and a totally blissful day out.
Charles does wonder why I am not taking pictures of him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling productive, and enjoying it.

Nature's Evening available on Etsy
A friend recently encouraged me to share in a Mother's Day stall and I was so thrilled to sell some of my journals and jewellery. My goal is to be more proactive in this area as I really do need to get rid of my mortgage if am to have the freedom I want to move in other areas. Pray for wisdom as I make decisions for the future, please. (Update: Sorry to have confused some people, the 'other areas' are not art ones, but more voluntary work with some kids who need help - I love my art but not planning on going full-time w ith it).
A Thankful Heart available on Etsy

Another scarf, this one a Pink Girl's Dream for a good friend's birthday. Lace, chiffon and flannel are threaded though a soft wool acrylic blend. I am not a 'pink girl', but the end result is solf and romantic so hopefully it will be well received.
Sweet boy sitting with me as I photograph the bracelets, not so sweet to smell at the moment so I predict a bath coming up very soon.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A river of warmth ...

A little frog, a seahorse or two, ribbons, sari silk, wool, beads and me; the ingredients for this scarf, winging its way to a new home now.
Are you enjoying rivers of life?

Oh and a confession, I wore it once, just because ....

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Beautiful Button

This beautiful antique steel cut button was rusty and a bit bent when I purchased it, but some sanding and a light application of the hammer left it just right for this 'enchanted night' necklace. Vintage Japanese cotton pearls and hand made hematite beads combine with a modern chandelier drop.
I am back knitting and sewing for now, so who knows what will appear next, it is nice to never be bored.