Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I am so pleased with this picture and it took not an ounce of skill to take, there was the Mama cat resting in the shadows just waiting to be photographed for our pleasure.
But I am ahead of myself. Today was a day to relax and I headed up the highway to spend the afternoon chatting with dear friends, and admiring a lovely baby. The sky was blue, the heat dry and I drove with the windows down, singing badly. After a luscious lunch (I need the souffle recipe please) and lots of chat we set off to wander around the garden and to feed the pigs.
The pup rolled playfully under a fruit tree, as we wandered passed swatting flies and swapping stories.
The pigs, next years sausages for those with stronger stomachs than mine, were delighted with their afternoon feed, and seemed to enjoy the company too.
I enjoyed the texture and colour of old buildings such as this grain shed, and the old tin stalls below.
As I clicked off a few pictures, enjoying the contrast of rusty metal, green leaves and blue sky I did not realise the prettiest picture of all was just inside.
Between cobwebs and dust, one paw hanging down lazily, the other tucked under to lean on; a beautiful mother cat, at peace.
I drove home reflecting on friendship, the season and glorious sunshine and felt some of the year's tension ebb away; my body beginning to relax.
I am not sure these sheep appreciated my musical talents, or lack there of, as I belted out country tunes, window once again down, breeze in my air and a happier girl (when do I have to call myself a woman?) heading home.
This 200km stretch of road, which often frustrates and bores me, flew by without a single speed limit being challenged; a happy day.

Have you had a happy day? I hope so.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Animal Antics

I was tempted to title this post animal cruelty, after all it is about the hideous hair cut I organised for my Archer and an abandoned kitten, but there is fun and light too. Last summer Archer was very hot so I had planned to ask my groomer to clip him this visit - perhaps not this short.
However, Archer scented a treat on my art table and helped himself, attaching the bezels, full of freshly poured resin in the process. Cutting them out left him looking like he had mange. Poor boy he now looks like a cross between a dalmatian and a beagle and not my cuddly boy at all.
About two weeks ago a local vet found some three week old kittens abandoned on their steps, they were to be euthanised so my friend Suzie and her family adopted one, little Prada, pictured here. I was so blessed to have my kitten fix when she came to stay for four days while her new family are away. Lots of kitten cuddles and play.
This adorable blue eyed bundle has the staying power of the Energiser Bunny and the spunk of Danny Green, my three big boys all moved when she directed an unladylike hiss in their direction. Only Archer had the staying power to get through the little person fear and make a friend. As I type they are playing chase across the bed (both) under it (Prada) and around it (Archer)! Oh and the big boys are here watching and purring content to leave them to it.
Poor Arch, perhaps it took his mind off THE haircut; I have a feeling there will be more than three weeks between a good one and a bad one in this instance!
Oh and in case you are wondering, my wonderful groomer did exactly what I asked and thought Arch' looked wonderful. the best I could manage was, "Oh, so that is what he looks like underneath."

Saturday, December 05, 2009


My annual Etsy sale has begun!
Thank you for your support all year - if you feel so inclined drop by my on-line store, or send your friends.
Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Fun photo's of Archer to follow.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

A Beautiful Bargain ...

Recently I hopefully placed some bids in an art auction to raise money for Bernie Berlin's A Place to Bark and Meow animal rescue. From the beginning I had my eye on this delightful Carla Sonheim original and was stunned when I won it for not much more than the cost of a couple of prints. The three dogs, the ginger cat and the bird all have a fish of their own but none will start to eat because they are focused on the other animals. Just beautiful, and such a life reflecting story.
These A7 collages are for a 2010 Calendar swap I am a part of, layers of red papers, gesso, paint washes, stamped images and finally some stitching and rub-ons. They make me smile now, I hope the other 11 artists like them too.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

An Altered Book

Lots of stitching and layers on this one for Debbi, as part of an altered book round robin.
Have a wonderful week!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Cards and Snippets of Life

I needed to make a few Christmas cards to send home with an overseas guest, one led to another and now I am all done - yippee! These two pictures show Christmas cards which feature playing cards from a pack I purchased several years ago and did not do anything with until now.
My gift cards, ready to put on little end-of-year gifts at school.
Last year I bought cards for the first time in almost a decade, and regretted it, I am so pleased to have these all ready to give and send. Now to complete some swaps I have due, and have somehow left to the last minute again.
My Art-of-the-Month for September from Bevlea. A beautiful montage inside an equally beautifully decorated tin.
Beautiful bookmarks purchased from Carole in New Zealand.
Charles: The best excuse for not ironing.
Yum! The beginnings of a red marsala curry sweet on my tongue and then so hot the top of my head was sweating and my lips went numb.
My Art-of-the-Month from Debbi in August. A wonderful fabric collage now hanging in my entrance.
Today was wonderful I taught a jewellery class at school and the class were so interested in the art side of jewellery and the choice of found objects as a focus - bliss. I only teach on special occasionally as I find it takes the joy out of my personal creative time if it is also my work.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moth and My Boys

This is the underside of a fairly common white moth as viewed through the pale blue glass window in my bathroom, at night time. a thing of beauty, almost ethereal. What have I been busy with as the boys slumber and slink through the house? A little family, some sewing, planting a vegetable patch, and enjoying the sunshine which has finally come to this corner of the world.
I took photo's today of some wonderful art I received over the last month, and will post again soon. for now it is off to sleep, to enjoy the coolish night with my purr babies and woofy boy - all snoring at various volumes!

Monday, September 28, 2009

The vintage is out of my system, for now...

A 1-4-1 swap on an Aussie art group I belong to. 4 x 4" canvas boards painted, inked and embellished for Lucy.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Take a couple of old hair scrunchies,

.. some old files from the recycling bin, three ink pads and a handful of images. What do you have? A couple of weeks of relaxation, time to fiddle and arrange, without really thinking, after long, long days at work.
At the end I wondered what to do with my offerings, so thee ATC's became notebooks - I am so glad I bought the Zutter.
Cards and tags will be packaged together and, "Voila!", some of my Christmas preparations are made. Nice cards are so expensive here in Australia and packs of hand made tags will be appreciated too.
I have been soothed by my needle going in and out of paper, calmed by the rhythm of my brush as it dances between ink pads adding a little colour here and there and strengthened by the time to be inside my head.
Would you like an ATC? No need to trade, just ask. If you are one of the first three I will send you one.
Thank you Jesus, for the peace I feel today. Thank you friends for being there for me through the hours, days or years.
Have a wonderful week!

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just Sharing...

Another crazy couple of weeks and yet I have still managed some creative time and a laugh or two (usually at myself) so all is well in life. Many thanks to all of you who commented on the earrings in my last post, I am often uncertain when I try new things, this weekend I am aiming to do some more in a similar style. However, for this past week or so it has been back to paper and pieces of history floating on my desk.
One of these giant pegs has gone to a new home as a result of a monthly 1-4-1 swap I am a part of, the others will reappear at Christmas.
A page from an Altered Book Round Robin with the theme Still Life.
A breath of spring; the print I was blessed to receive from Julia's blog give-away.
Tags made for no reason other than the fact I felt like playing wi th paper and thread.
A rare picture: Charles and Phantom keeping each other warm on a cold morning.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A season of giving and receiving.

It was only after I photographed this pair that I realised they were not opposites - and had to rehang the roses :)

It has been too long since I blogged so I will load as many photo's as I can tonight.

My life is truly crazy at the moment, I am acting in a promotional position at work and loving the adrenalin that comes from stretching myself, learning new skills and conquering my emotional responses to high pressure situations. I am not even minding the looooonnnnnnggg hours or the cakes I cook to bribe, er encourage, my team to attend meetings.

At home, the heater died and a water pipe burst in the back yard so I have been co-ordinating tradesmen - aaaaaaagh, how is it they are never on time? Even, when I am the first one they come to in the morning. Is it part of tradesman school; How to Annoy the Client 101. I wish they could replace it with:
Putting the toilet seat down 101
Picking up your own Rubbish 102
Wiping your feet 103
That said it is nice to have some heating again, and time will tell if I made the right choice.

It was fun to draw balls on sterling silver wire to form the basis of these earrings - gifts
for three dear friends with birthdays in the same week, and another skill from Stephanie's class practiced.
My beautiful hand sewn owl and crocheted sari silk nest were my Art-of-the-Month
gift from Jacky. I was so excited when this little fellow arrived as I had 'lusted' after him on Jacky's blog - hoping he might wing this way.
The tin covers are another Etsy purchase and brighten my desk at school, the happy puppy is also a gift from Jacky - I just love his squishy nose!
Bright vintage style ATC's received from Gaby; I so enjoy swapping with this kind
overseas artist.
Cheerful ATC's from a swap with Doreen, very beautiful the felted card too. Thanks Doreen!
I'll try and get back later in the week to add links. oxo