Saturday, September 05, 2009

Just Sharing...

Another crazy couple of weeks and yet I have still managed some creative time and a laugh or two (usually at myself) so all is well in life. Many thanks to all of you who commented on the earrings in my last post, I am often uncertain when I try new things, this weekend I am aiming to do some more in a similar style. However, for this past week or so it has been back to paper and pieces of history floating on my desk.
One of these giant pegs has gone to a new home as a result of a monthly 1-4-1 swap I am a part of, the others will reappear at Christmas.
A page from an Altered Book Round Robin with the theme Still Life.
A breath of spring; the print I was blessed to receive from Julia's blog give-away.
Tags made for no reason other than the fact I felt like playing wi th paper and thread.
A rare picture: Charles and Phantom keeping each other warm on a cold morning.


Sam Marshall said...

Beautiful pegs-in fact all your work is gorgeous.

Janet said...

I always love visiting here because I'm assured of seeing lots of beautiful things. Love the pegs! And the tags are so pretty. I'm glad you just felt like playing with paper and thread!

My favorite photo though is the last one of Charles and Phantom!!

Jo Wholohan said...

these pegs look awesome julie, i love the colour, so rich, what a great idea xx

Dawnie said...

Beautiful treasures here once again Julie
Hug you and hope you have a wonderful week

kelsey said...

This all looks wonderful Julie! Love the tags, very vintage & very nice!!!

Hope you don't mind me telling you though, when I first looked at the pegs, the one on the right looks like it has perfectly formed doggie doo-doo frames.....hahahahaha

Jeanie said...

Everything in this post completely knocks my socks off. It's amazing. Those clothespins are the best (you inspire me!), the tags lovely... everything.

But I think that orange boy snuggling with his buddy... that might warm my heart most of all!

Cat said...

You have such an artistic way with things! All very lovely!

Thanks for sharing!!!

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thanks for sharing.