Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spoons, Treats and Blogarithm

Altered Teaspoons

I recently hosted an altered teaspoon swap on INKrediblyRt - look at the wonderful collection I have ended up with. The first two are my own, then their spoons by Peta, Nikki, Kim, Kylie, Carmel, Jane and Dawn. I do apologise for the quality of the photo - they dance and sparkle in real life.
This darling bird pin was purchased from Moorhouse Moorhouse on Etsy. I know I will wear it a lot with my winter jumpers. The wonderful wire necklace is from the very talented Carmel, a one-for-one swap.

I know I got e-mails saying blogarithm was changing owners, but despite my best attempts at searching my trash files and haunting my inbox I don't seem to have heard from the new people. Does anyone know if I was supposed to do anything? I like my daily digest of updated blogs and am hoping someone can tell me how to keep them coming.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Natalie B is hosting a canvas niche swap on INKrediblyRT. The canvas was supposed to feature an inchie - I am not sure what happened along the way. .. but this is the canvas I sent her. The inchie is in fact a framed photo of the face on the fist beaded doll I made (in Kelsey's class) and the focus is on a removable and wearable doll.
I was actually so pleased with this piece it spent a few days sitting on the shelf with some of my dolls (made by Dot) before it headed north.

These bracelets were fun to make - gifts for a VERY pink friend.
As far as stunning jewellery goes look at the necklace Kim made me! This style, inspired by Kim's friend, and sometime muse, Nina is simple perfection and so lovely to wear. Kim and I have swapped before but this one was because Kim was my Mystery Muse partner, also on INKrediblyRT.
The journal below is the gift I sent my MM, Genevieve, this month. I could not get a good photo but was pleased with the end result.
Art I am happy with, beautiful gifts and so many Earthly treasures, now I just need to banish the clouds.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sleepy Morning at Home

I reluctantly crawled out of bed this morning, knowing I had a friend' s six year old staying for the night, and that he had been up alone for at least an hour. What a peaceful home it is/was, B and the furries, separate and yet together and content. Charles curled in his basket on the table as B played with some craft items beside him.
Phantom asleep on his chair and snurring (a new word for that special cross between a snore and a purr).
Archer luxuriating in front of the heater - kindly turned on by B.
This shot is a few weeks old, Harvey was a little nervy with a visitor in the house and chose to sleep in the bottom of my wardrobe. I could have taken a picture, the door was half open, but he looked so peaceful and the flash disturbs him so I resisted. What a contented boy he is these days.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jewellery Introduction

This set was commissioned for a wedding this weekend, and the busy last few weeks meant it was only finished last night. I came home from work this afternoon and polished the copper then headed out into the garden to take some photographs.
There I was sitting cross legged on the lawn, Archer attempting to sit on my lap, as Phantom wound through my arms, hanging earrings in the leaves of a rather non-compliant plant when I heard, "Hellooooo". My new young neighbour's head popped over the fence. After a few minutes chat I apologised for not standing up, explaining I was in a hurry as 'it' was to be collected soon. A few minutes later I was introduced to the Grandfather and Mother. Happy that we would get on well I continued clicking away.
It was only later as I heard the family chatting I realised they had not seen the jewellery and thought I was taking goodbye photo's of my plant. I must explain next time we meet.
Meanwhile the copper and mother-of-pearl piece was well received. I was nervous as I find simplicity difficult to do, now I can look forward to seeing some happy wedding photographs.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Dots and Dashes

What a busy few weeks it has been. The space bar ceased functioning on my laptop and I attempted typing - it sent me crazy. So eventually I gave in and sent the computer off to be repaired. I felt like I had lost an arm and yet I thoroughly enjoyed the extra creative time.
These earrings feature Watsonia bulb bases and watch cogs. I was very pleased when I made my own ear wires for these ones and have given a couple of pairs as birthday presents this week.

On Friday morning Phantom walked in with his front leg sticking out at an odd angle. A quick call to work and off to the vet we went. Phantom is the easiest cat imaginable, as the vet manipulated and felt the leg he pressed his head deeper against my neck and purred loudly. It was dislocated and there was a puncture mark so it appears the poor little man (umm...8kg and verrrrry long) had been attacked. No scratch marks on his face this time which was a change. He is such a good cat and has happily taken his medication morning and night while rubbing his face against me.
I spent the weekend sharing this cosy one roomed cabin with three friends. We were at a Christian Women Communicating International camp held just half an hour away on the coast. The speaker was wonderful - funny, entertaining and yet she gave plenty of inspiration and encouragement to take away and mull over. We laughed a lot, ate too much amazing food and celebrated the birthdays of two of my room mates. Bliss.