Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jewellery Introduction

This set was commissioned for a wedding this weekend, and the busy last few weeks meant it was only finished last night. I came home from work this afternoon and polished the copper then headed out into the garden to take some photographs.
There I was sitting cross legged on the lawn, Archer attempting to sit on my lap, as Phantom wound through my arms, hanging earrings in the leaves of a rather non-compliant plant when I heard, "Hellooooo". My new young neighbour's head popped over the fence. After a few minutes chat I apologised for not standing up, explaining I was in a hurry as 'it' was to be collected soon. A few minutes later I was introduced to the Grandfather and Mother. Happy that we would get on well I continued clicking away.
It was only later as I heard the family chatting I realised they had not seen the jewellery and thought I was taking goodbye photo's of my plant. I must explain next time we meet.
Meanwhile the copper and mother-of-pearl piece was well received. I was nervous as I find simplicity difficult to do, now I can look forward to seeing some happy wedding photographs.


Natalie B said...

Julie these are so beautiful. I'm sure the bride will be over the moon at these "one off" special pieces.

Dawnie said...

Another masterpiece I would have called this set. Magic miss julie and i would look fab in a set almost like it, he-he.
Love it and love the mental pic of you sitting in your garden and chatting over the fence.

Steph said...

What a gorgeous set !
Is Phantom getting better?

Dot said...

Hi sweetie..

Just popping in to say hi. Shirl is happily stitching away on a Dotee doll kit as I type this (it is so lovely having her here to stay).

The necklace and earrings are stunning Julie. I am sure they will look stunning in the wedding photographs.

I did giggle at the thought of your neighbours maybe thinking you were saying goodbye to your art though :)

Shirl says to say hi and I am sending you a humungous hug. The kitties love her as I knew they would and Ronnie is giving her head butts and smooching her feet at every oportunity!

Love you (lots and lots)

Dotee xoxo

France said...

What a funny story about the "goodbye to the plant" bit! I love your wire jewellery and I love your wire! I've been playing with it! I might have to get more, but I'd love to keep that one for when I'm better (since it's not coated!).... It's just So nice!
I have a few questions for you, I'll email you when I have a minute :)
You make very nice "stuff" Julie, very very inspiring!!

Betzie said...

Love the combination of copper and mother of pearl...I bet it will be cherished!

Jacky said...

Julie these are fantastic!!! You are so talented. I am looking forward to seeing a photo later of the recipient in her new jewellery???