Monday, April 19, 2010

Friends and Fibre

Have you had your all-bran today? No, no not that type of fibre the one you wear, touch, stitch and even knit. Last week I was lucky enough to have my friend Dawn visit, a week of talking, creating, eating and even a little exercise followed.
We walked to the top of “my” rock which looks over town and took a few photos as Archer ran around beside us.
We ate picky platters of cheese, olives, cucumber and crackers, and ate only as we felt hungry, with very odd meal times.
We created, Dawnie made beautiful jewellery – I wish I took pictures – and my muse decided to knit. Three scarves, this one embellished with sari silk, ribbon and beads, another almost done.
The fur and purr babies delighted in Dawn’s attention and Charles, dear boy, even slept with our friend, loving her as I do.
This week it is back to work I go, and by the end of the week I will have found the rhythm, for now I am clinging to these sunshine filled play days.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sweet Kitties

Thank you so much for all the encouragement after my last post.
Since last I wrote here I have been given more work time to work with our wonderful, indigenous boys, a group I was giving a lot of my free time to. I have also had some positive feedback from my line managers and caught up on sleep, my world always seems to right itself when I don't have massive black rings under my eyes.
The world is not perfect, and I can't fix it all, but I can do, what I can do, well.
I have thought and prayed as I painted and stitched these little kitties, gained perspective and found peace, much as I do with my own purries - all without having to feed them non-stop! If only they were warm and snuffled in their sleep.
This Easter has been a quiet one so far, sleep, reading, poochie and purr cuddles and chocolate - why does it feel so good to bite into a hollow egg?
Have a blessed Easter everyone!