Monday, October 29, 2007

Something old, something new ...

and not a wedding on the calendar. This necklace really challenged me mentally.
The elephant was part of a vintage bracelet, I almost didn't buy it because it was labelled 'hand carved bone'. After wandering away a few times I realised that I somehow needed to give new life to this old piece - in order to justify the death of whatever animal it was carved from. When I ran the blow torch over the pieces, to highlight the texture, the terrible smell which arose confirmed I was indeed working with real bone.
I sat and looked at this piece for ages- waiting for it to talk to me, wanting to do it justice. I wasted more copper wire, trying a couple of arrangements, than I have in the entire past year.
Now I am happy the piece tells the story I wanted it to and I enjoyed wearing it today. I will list it on etsy later in the week.

The beautiful tassels were my swap with Doreen! They are even more luxurious in real life; I keep running my fingers down them.
The wind spinner below features beautiful buttons (you know I love those), stones and mirrors; it was a gift from Melissa and came with a wonderful canvas and beautiful quiltie. I have definitely been spoilt this week.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Outing to Smile About

I picked a strange day for a journey, but it was a good one. Today I headed East along the coast to visit with my friend Dawn and her family.
Spring seems to have rushed away and winter has jumped back in to its so recently vacated slot. Just a couple of days ago, Thursday in fact, it was 29C (85F); today the temperature rose to 12C (50F) and we were surprised by loud drifts of hail raining on us from the heavens.
We sat in freezing temperatures chatting about art, family and furry people. It was such a joy to meet Dawn's lovely daughters - what special people. Fun to play 'Greed' (a dice game) with them and to enjoy the fact I was with a most generous friend.
All the attention wore my little man out and he slept almost all the way home. Yes, he is wearing a coat ... I know ... I know ... I may have laughed at 'clothed' dogs in the past, forgive me please, I changed my mind.
Being the forgetful woman I am, I forgot about the camera until I was in the car and well on the way home. However, I enjoy the contrast in the photo's over the Pallinup Bridge in sunlight and the rain falling thickly as I drive.
Mt Manypeaks was a lovely sight, its' two highest peaks dusted with clouds.
Have a safe and warm Sunday. West Aussie's don't forget to adjust your clocks, and I will be back with some art soon.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

ATC Trio

A few people liked the ATC's I made last week and I have posted one to the USA, I made two more for this triptych (spelling?) which is to be a 1-for-1 swap with the lovely Doreen. I do feel like I have been influenced by the very talented Judy, and considering the amount of time I spend drooling over her work that is not unexpected.
Life continues it's merry way, I had visitors last weekend and am off to spend the day with my precious friend Dawn this weekend so creative time is a bit hit and miss. Daylight savings starts this weekend, do you see my joyful dance? Hear my happy cheers? I love the extra light at night. For now the washing calls ... oh well this is Earth's reality.

Friday, October 19, 2007

A Giggle and a Gift

My dear boy Charles had 'dreadies' multiplying at an alarming rate, they seemed to be limiting his movement and yet he made it very clear I was NOT to groom him. Silly woman that I am, I did not click until last week that Hamish and Charles had always (from 5 weeks old) groomed each other and the dear boy had not been looking after himself. Drastic action was required. A trip to the vet, anaesthetic, and this was the result. Do you see Phantom not sure whether he should return to the house and Archer just watching on.
I have to say post anaesthetic Charles was just lovely, all his pride and power set aside to become a total cuddle puss who would not get off my lap at all. He purred and kneaded, smooched and cuddled for hours.
This did not impress Archer, he whinged, whined and whimpered until in disgust he turned his back on the two of us and began a pattern of impressive sighs and over the shoulder mournful looks.
As I type this Archer is back on my lap and Mr Charles is asleep beside us happy to have his head scratched occasionally. Order has been restored.
A parcel from Dotee is always a huge treat and this wonderful collection graced my mailbox this week: Beautiful Hamish and Maggie collages, A Dotee Doll (who has a US twin sister), glorious beads and buttons and the sure feeling that I am very much cared for. Thank you sweet friend.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Bits and Pieces

The last few days I have felt very fragmented, and while I have other projects on the go, I sat down last night and made these pins. I think the reason I find them so soothing is that they join fragments, they are the jewellery version of a jig-saw, where I get to choose the picture.
Both are on Etsy.

Friday, October 12, 2007

I don't know their names ...

I really don't, but I know their stories and that is more important. The rose above was a gift from my Aunty J, a frequent visitor to Australia, it was for my birthday on her last visit and she in back now meeting her great neice for the first time.
This lovely rose is a standard and it was a housewarming present from my parents when I bought this home six years ago. Gosh the time has flown.
And, this rather common (but heavenly scented) rose is the best of all. My house has only had three owners and the ones who built it planted this, and its twin, when they moved in. The poor things were not looked after by the previous owner, a bachelor rumoured never to have stepped off the footpath, and yet they survive. I look at them and smile, thinking of the first owners delight in their home. This was one of the first three houses in my town (city now) to have a tile roof - the original tiles are still there, and while I am now considered to be centrally located - it was the outskirts of town ... How much one rose can make me think.
I wonder about the teaspoons I use for these necklaces and where they have come from? This one is on etsy, and those green egg beads are delicious, I keep picking them up and running them through my fingers.
I made a couple of pairs of watsonia earrings for friends and these ones are also on etsy.
It's a beautiful spring day and I am off to enjoy it, I hope you are having a good one wherever you are.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Time for a change

My fingers fell upon some paper scraps yesterday and these ATC's emerged. I have had a jar of texture past for years and now I am using it almost daily - funny how these things work out. Do you see the wonderful old typewriter key, aged and pitted as if the machine it belonged to was carted through one war at least? It demonstrates the advantages of having a chewing dog - several minutes in his mouth before I noticed and the teeth marks are a feature. (As I was typing this my Archer was dropped home from a play date - my beautiful neighbour suggested I keep an eye on him as he has eaten a pink lipstick ... do you hear my sighs in Tom Price? Melbourne?California? )
on etsy

I wish I could remember where I got his watch face from I have been saving it to use, and it seemed to go with this pin (thanks Sally for the fabulous gold pins).

Sunday, October 07, 2007

It's not just mothers

of humans who sometimes have had enough. For most of today if anyone had offered to take this little man I would have handed him over with a smile and a sigh of relief. Then I came through to my room and saw this little face, just waiting for me to say 'No' again. Moments later he rolled towards me and I declare I saw the thought go through his head 'I'll try cute.'
It worked; he is not walking the streets looking for a new home this cold, windy and miserable night.
What brought me to the point of frustration today? Archers vacuum behaviour. In the last 24 hours he has eaten multiple beads, four buttons, a purple pencil, a toy crocodile, a shoe lace, a small length of ribbon, two postage stamps, several pieces of double sided tape backing, some raw rice I dropped, the edge of a floor rug, the cat bowl, some dog biscuits and his home cooked chicken rice and veges. This is the 'food' I know about. Archer is always a 'hoover' however, today I was trying to enjoy my annual Bathurst pilgrimage, via the television. I am sure that as I walk him and poop observe I will see evidence of more this morning's walk was quite sparkly at each pit stop.
It sends me MAD, and why? My beloved Maggie died from a bowel perforation - and all she ever ate was dog food and the odd stick. Now perhaps Murphy's law will take over and Archer will be just fine or perhaps he will not ... but I really don't want to take chances.
I now have a clear perspex half door on my art room and he can only look in from the outside; now I can listen to him eating things in other rooms instead of seeing him eat them. I am open to suggestions...however, he is 18 months old, he has several hundred dollars worth of chew toys and treats which I give him on a rotating basis, has been wormed and is the right weight for his breed.
...the little moppet is asleep on my lap now and my heart is melting, so I will give him a cuddle and perhaps take another picture while all is well.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Face Posy ... (and a question)

... another cat food tin lid altered and ready to wear, this one is not for sale, but it heading off for a monthly swap I am involved in.

Now to the question, has anyone used the microwave kilns for PMC (Precious Metal Clay) - I would love some feedback from real people and not brochures. I have tried a few pieces with my blow torch - but lets just say the frustration levels were about the same as attempting to photograph this piece - aaaagh! Is 10.30am too early for a gin and tonic?

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

A brief interlude ...

I am currently working on a couple of art works and jewellery pieces that I can not share yet. It was a pleasure to take an hour out yesterday and visit the beach with my Brother, SIL, niece and the dogs. The sun was shining, the water was blue and there was no pressure to ‘do’. Today finds me back doing marking and cleaning house and yet the scent of salt seems to hang in the air ... perhaps I should have bathed Archer?