Friday, October 19, 2007

A Giggle and a Gift

My dear boy Charles had 'dreadies' multiplying at an alarming rate, they seemed to be limiting his movement and yet he made it very clear I was NOT to groom him. Silly woman that I am, I did not click until last week that Hamish and Charles had always (from 5 weeks old) groomed each other and the dear boy had not been looking after himself. Drastic action was required. A trip to the vet, anaesthetic, and this was the result. Do you see Phantom not sure whether he should return to the house and Archer just watching on.
I have to say post anaesthetic Charles was just lovely, all his pride and power set aside to become a total cuddle puss who would not get off my lap at all. He purred and kneaded, smooched and cuddled for hours.
This did not impress Archer, he whinged, whined and whimpered until in disgust he turned his back on the two of us and began a pattern of impressive sighs and over the shoulder mournful looks.
As I type this Archer is back on my lap and Mr Charles is asleep beside us happy to have his head scratched occasionally. Order has been restored.
A parcel from Dotee is always a huge treat and this wonderful collection graced my mailbox this week: Beautiful Hamish and Maggie collages, A Dotee Doll (who has a US twin sister), glorious beads and buttons and the sure feeling that I am very much cared for. Thank you sweet friend.


Anonymous said...

Thats very interesting, I've never seen a cat groomed/shaved before. I wonder if he feels naked. Poor fella, I guess he just didn't realize that he needed to take over his own personal hygiene.

Dot said...

I didn't realise that Charles needed to have his dreadies done because Hamish used to do them for him. I felt sad when I read that. He must miss his brother..

However, I am sure he feels MUCH better now the dreadies are gone (even if he does feel a bit naked!).

How lovely that he has been smoochy and loving.I can just imagine Archer doing dramatic sighs and trying to look even cuter than normal to get your attention (bless his little heart).

Love the photo with Phantom peeking in!

One Crabapple said...

Dot and her beautiful giving artwork !!!

AND IT IS MEEEE that has that Sister Doll ! I have it with me right now in fact (work desk) and I love it. What a wonderful connection for the three of us this way !

xxxo- S.