Friday, October 05, 2007

Face Posy ... (and a question)

... another cat food tin lid altered and ready to wear, this one is not for sale, but it heading off for a monthly swap I am involved in.

Now to the question, has anyone used the microwave kilns for PMC (Precious Metal Clay) - I would love some feedback from real people and not brochures. I have tried a few pieces with my blow torch - but lets just say the frustration levels were about the same as attempting to photograph this piece - aaaagh! Is 10.30am too early for a gin and tonic?


Ro Bruhn said...

Very deMengian Julie, I love it and the feet are fabulous. I haven't used PMC yet, I have a packet but still waiting to experiment, the lady from the shop where I bought it said you can fire it in the flame of a gas hotplate ring. Jen Crossley may be able to help, she's doing a class at present.

megan said...

can't help with the PMC - but will see if I can find a clue in a book I have on it. Love the piece, and the only other advice I have is - any time is G and T time!

MaryB said...

I love this one also!! I'm just drawn to these pieces. I also don't know the answer to the pmc question, but I'm also interested to know. I'm glad you gave your input on the torch, that was going to be my attempt, but since I can't drink anymore, I best find another way.

Still Waters Studio said...

You have been very busy! I love the junk pins and the cat food lid necklace.
I had been wondering about using a torch for PMC but haven't tried it yet. The microwave sounds interesting. I'll have to check that out.
I prefer a glass of Australian Shiraz.

Dot said...

Oh, this is brilliant Julie! Love how you have incorporated the faces into this piece of art. The lady who is lucky enough to receive this will be very happy indeed.

Your art continues to grow and grow.

Dotee xoxo

P.S I saw a little Archer type doggie this morning on my walk and I thought of you. He was pulling at hisn lead at excitement sniffing the sea breeze. I laughed at him as I walk by. Smiled at his mama and papa and said delightedly " he is SO enthusastic!'. And they both laughed..

Dawnie said...

Another wonderful piece miss J.Love the feet !Excellent pic too (worth the struggle)Looks very professional.
Will ask my friend about the PMC who sells it.
Would love to know myself.
Enjoy the day !

Dawnie xxx

dogfaeriex5 said...

this piece is absolutely stunning!!
wow wow wow

One Crabapple said...

no no , it was not too early for G&T but really the photo turned out great. What a nice display piece you have for your jewelry there

But lets get to the meat and potatos here !

This necklace is Wonderful. You are really blowing me away. I love that you altered a can lid.

As for the micro kiln / PMC....I don't know anything. I hope you find out.