Sunday, July 25, 2010

Playing Small

I was supposed to be tidying THE CAVE; there were big plans including packing plastic crates with product I hadn't touched for months, even years. A cup of tea break and a browse through the blog of my friends, the girls at Destination Art, put paid to that. These are my vintage twinchie contributions.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

How time flies..

The last month has flown by, I have had fun etching various items and included a few pieces on this story bracelet.
I am still knitting scarves full of lace, ribbon, beads and pearls - and wearing them too as the cold weather settles around us.
Mr Phantom went missing for a day and a half, and returned with a 'mashed' shoulder and concussion, but seems to be on the mend now.
Archer continues his love affair with Harvey and enjoys keeping warm with Charles or Phantom if they are near by.
I continue to teach, to tutor and to nurture as best I can. Life continues; mostly it is good, very good.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Paverpol Workshop

I spent a relaxing Saturday at a Paverpol workshop recently and Rachel is the result. A wispy woman with room for three rib cages, two stomachs and a womb or two.
I truly have no idea how I did not notice her long torso until I got home! None-the-less I am happy with her final form and my very first effort at this form of fabric sculpture.
Gallery 500 provided a warm and relaxing atmosphere for this class, and a totally blissful day out.
Charles does wonder why I am not taking pictures of him.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Feeling productive, and enjoying it.

Nature's Evening available on Etsy
A friend recently encouraged me to share in a Mother's Day stall and I was so thrilled to sell some of my journals and jewellery. My goal is to be more proactive in this area as I really do need to get rid of my mortgage if am to have the freedom I want to move in other areas. Pray for wisdom as I make decisions for the future, please. (Update: Sorry to have confused some people, the 'other areas' are not art ones, but more voluntary work with some kids who need help - I love my art but not planning on going full-time w ith it).
A Thankful Heart available on Etsy

Another scarf, this one a Pink Girl's Dream for a good friend's birthday. Lace, chiffon and flannel are threaded though a soft wool acrylic blend. I am not a 'pink girl', but the end result is solf and romantic so hopefully it will be well received.
Sweet boy sitting with me as I photograph the bracelets, not so sweet to smell at the moment so I predict a bath coming up very soon.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

A river of warmth ...

A little frog, a seahorse or two, ribbons, sari silk, wool, beads and me; the ingredients for this scarf, winging its way to a new home now.
Are you enjoying rivers of life?

Oh and a confession, I wore it once, just because ....

Sunday, May 02, 2010

A Beautiful Button

This beautiful antique steel cut button was rusty and a bit bent when I purchased it, but some sanding and a light application of the hammer left it just right for this 'enchanted night' necklace. Vintage Japanese cotton pearls and hand made hematite beads combine with a modern chandelier drop.
I am back knitting and sewing for now, so who knows what will appear next, it is nice to never be bored.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Friends and Fibre

Have you had your all-bran today? No, no not that type of fibre the one you wear, touch, stitch and even knit. Last week I was lucky enough to have my friend Dawn visit, a week of talking, creating, eating and even a little exercise followed.
We walked to the top of “my” rock which looks over town and took a few photos as Archer ran around beside us.
We ate picky platters of cheese, olives, cucumber and crackers, and ate only as we felt hungry, with very odd meal times.
We created, Dawnie made beautiful jewellery – I wish I took pictures – and my muse decided to knit. Three scarves, this one embellished with sari silk, ribbon and beads, another almost done.
The fur and purr babies delighted in Dawn’s attention and Charles, dear boy, even slept with our friend, loving her as I do.
This week it is back to work I go, and by the end of the week I will have found the rhythm, for now I am clinging to these sunshine filled play days.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Sweet Kitties

Thank you so much for all the encouragement after my last post.
Since last I wrote here I have been given more work time to work with our wonderful, indigenous boys, a group I was giving a lot of my free time to. I have also had some positive feedback from my line managers and caught up on sleep, my world always seems to right itself when I don't have massive black rings under my eyes.
The world is not perfect, and I can't fix it all, but I can do, what I can do, well.
I have thought and prayed as I painted and stitched these little kitties, gained perspective and found peace, much as I do with my own purries - all without having to feed them non-stop! If only they were warm and snuffled in their sleep.
This Easter has been a quiet one so far, sleep, reading, poochie and purr cuddles and chocolate - why does it feel so good to bite into a hollow egg?
Have a blessed Easter everyone!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Hot Flushes, Heart Strings and Help

What a week, constant hot flushes had me sure menopause had snuck up and grabbed me a tad early, but no, apparently stress has the same effect. What stress? You might ask.
The stress that comes to a teacher when she cares, perhaps too much and even after all these years retains her idealism, the stress that comes when you don't want any child to hurt and you see it happen. A hard week.
Help came in the form of moments at my desk putting this little lady together, in the time I spent photographing her in Autumn sunshine, and in wearing her to work one day.
Help came in the form of this beautiful art work from Gaye: the colours; the quote; the stillness; just what I needed.
Help came from friends and family, from cuddling the most beautiful woofy face in the world, and help came from above. Thank you Jesus. May the next week be one of peace and wisdom.

Monday, March 08, 2010

The Brotherhood in Action

A warm summers day, and the teacher (me) sits at her desk working with one of her favourite classes. 22 boys, all about 15 years old are working fairly quietly and the male deputy (MD) appears at the door carrying a huge basket, full of flowers and chocolates, a bottle of pink bubbly tucked under his arm.

Boys: Who are they from Miss?
MD: Someone thinks you’re special
Me: A dog
Boys: (chorus) That’s not nice! He is trying hard to make up. That must have cost a lot. Maybe a hundred dollars. More than that. Give him a chance. No one is perfect Miss. You have to listen to him Miss..
Me: (Struggling to be heard) A real dog!
More chanting and calling out …
MD: (Catching on) It must be a very clever dog.
Silence descends, reluctantly
Me: I looked after my friends’ dog for a few weeks and they have sent me these in the dogs name: Pipepee.
Boys: Can we have a chocolate please?
The teacher shares.

Archer, with his dear friend Pipepee, hogging the couch and blissfully happy. They wear matching pearl collars (Archer's is blue) and influence each other to get up to all sorts of mischief.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hester's Yard
I name all my jewellery, sometimes I share the names and sometimes I don't. This another bracelet which explores change and and contrast. I enjoyed forming this chain; chunky copper links with contrasting silver solder and lots of bits, Hester's Yard.
I have so enjoyed my little vege garden this summer, and keep forgetting to take pictures of ripe vegetables, this little capsicum will eventually be red and sweet, if the marigold does its job and keeps the insects away.
The tomatoes are sweet and full of flavour, these lovely round ones, cherry Roma's and full size Roma all gathered in one dense patch.
The dappled light on the lemon tree epitomises summer, the scents, the drinks and an age old sense of security. Summer feels safe, as the warmth wraps around me and the light touches all corners of my space. Bliss.
Not art, not a fruit, and a little bit grubby, but something, or rather someone, that I like to pick often, a quick cuddle, a loud purr and a snuggle hug then he is asking if there is more food. darling Phantom.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A bracelet and a winner...

Congratulations to Linda on being closest with the list of items. The serrated strip was from my roll of cling film. The "washer" was actually the metal circle from an old bra strap. Linda please send me your address and post-it preference.
The bracelet above is a charm bracelet of sorts, and much as I love it, it is listed in my ETSY (SOLD).Can you imagine my joy when I found this amazing old wooden box full of rusty nails at my local tip-shop? A real holiday treat, and I am so proud of my friends for hiding their complete horror at my purchase choice.
And finally one of the joys of life is my darling nephew, we've spent hours playing with pegs (Archer was not so keen on that one - the dear boy had Archers ears pegged all over), drinking imaginary cups of tea, tickling and laughing. Joy.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Something for me and something for you...

It is lovely to have time to create and nothing I “have to” make. This necklace has been in my head for months, an old wall hook; rusted and left, some washers, sari silk, an owl in resin, a bullet casing (thanks to one of my students for that), vintage beads and carved cinnabar all combined with copper, brass and steel.
I couldn't resist wandering around the garden and taking pictures of this piece in different lights, on different backgrounds, it has been so, so long since I made a feature piece of jewellery such as this.
I always enjoy the contrast between strong and delicate, old and new, salvaged and made. I think this one is for me.
The old water tank, above had been put out for roadside collection, I rang my brother and convinced him I needed it; is to become my herb garden, a job for next week.
I have cleaned up my garden a lot this past week and been amazed by the number of nests tucked in bushes, obviously my purr-babies don’t scare the birds away. This nest really made me smile, authentic twigs, insects, and leaves on the outside and green acrylic filler on the inside – another contrast.
The magnetic post it-note holders were an eye opener. I was attempting to make something using found objects for a possible class and bemoaned my attempts. Until I realised the only objects designed for art were the Collection images I have had for many years, and five split pins.
All of the other items are salvaged and re-purposed.

I will send one of these pieces (your choice) to the first person to identify all the non-paper elements. Good Luck!