Sunday, February 14, 2010


Hester's Yard
I name all my jewellery, sometimes I share the names and sometimes I don't. This another bracelet which explores change and and contrast. I enjoyed forming this chain; chunky copper links with contrasting silver solder and lots of bits, Hester's Yard.
I have so enjoyed my little vege garden this summer, and keep forgetting to take pictures of ripe vegetables, this little capsicum will eventually be red and sweet, if the marigold does its job and keeps the insects away.
The tomatoes are sweet and full of flavour, these lovely round ones, cherry Roma's and full size Roma all gathered in one dense patch.
The dappled light on the lemon tree epitomises summer, the scents, the drinks and an age old sense of security. Summer feels safe, as the warmth wraps around me and the light touches all corners of my space. Bliss.
Not art, not a fruit, and a little bit grubby, but something, or rather someone, that I like to pick often, a quick cuddle, a loud purr and a snuggle hug then he is asking if there is more food. darling Phantom.


Narrative jewelry said...

Thank you to share these beautiful photos with us dear Julie, very sweet because in France it is winter and snow, wind, cold. These colours are so warm, so happy.
Your bracelet is gorgeous as usual, love all the components you put in, very cute.
Don't forget do give cuddles to your Littles and especially to Mr. Phantom, who looks like my little Igor.

Have a nice day.


Samantha Marshall said...

It's such a beautiful bracelet, Julie. xx

Me said...

Love the charm bracelet and the name too.

Kath said...

What a gorgeous cat, reminds me of my piebald cat D.P. He was a cat with a huge volcabulary of sounds and would delight in holding a conversation with us :D
They are such good companions.

Dot said...

I can see why your latest bracelet sold so quickly Julie. It is gorgeous! I wear the one you made for me several times a week and still love it as much as I did when you gave it to me.
Love the pics of your garden and of handsome Phanton too!
Ronnie and Essie say hi.
Dotee xoxo

Still Waters Studio said...

I love the bracelet! And the veggies make me long for summer. I like that striped variety of tomato. I've grown that before.

Jeanie said...

A new post by Julie is always time to rejoice and this has so many things I love -- a handsome cat, beautiful creations by you and tomatoes drenched in sunlight and warmth. Oh, how I long for the season here when we can grow tomatoes again and it is warm and sunny all the time. Winter is feeling very long right now! But this post puts me in the mood!

Stop snoring said...

Can you create another bracelet such gorgeous as that? I wish to have one, it's just so pretty!

Lost Aussie said...

The bracelet is awesome Julie! And the garden pics just lovely too!

Dale said...

Julie, i am amazed by your bracelet. The conections you used to keep everything together and the wireworking is so very inspiring. Great,great work!!!

Dale said...

and those metal funnel pieces are just WAY too cool! Where on earth did you get them?

Jen Crossley said...

Julie your bracelet is gorgeous.

Jacky said...

Hester's bracelet is wonderful Julie...I love all of the bits and bobs!

Yummy vegies too. I had great plans this year but planted nothing in the end - you must be enjoying some wonderful fresh produce!

Jacky xox

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