Monday, March 08, 2010

The Brotherhood in Action

A warm summers day, and the teacher (me) sits at her desk working with one of her favourite classes. 22 boys, all about 15 years old are working fairly quietly and the male deputy (MD) appears at the door carrying a huge basket, full of flowers and chocolates, a bottle of pink bubbly tucked under his arm.

Boys: Who are they from Miss?
MD: Someone thinks you’re special
Me: A dog
Boys: (chorus) That’s not nice! He is trying hard to make up. That must have cost a lot. Maybe a hundred dollars. More than that. Give him a chance. No one is perfect Miss. You have to listen to him Miss..
Me: (Struggling to be heard) A real dog!
More chanting and calling out …
MD: (Catching on) It must be a very clever dog.
Silence descends, reluctantly
Me: I looked after my friends’ dog for a few weeks and they have sent me these in the dogs name: Pipepee.
Boys: Can we have a chocolate please?
The teacher shares.

Archer, with his dear friend Pipepee, hogging the couch and blissfully happy. They wear matching pearl collars (Archer's is blue) and influence each other to get up to all sorts of mischief.


Lost Aussie said...

What a lovely treat!

Me said...

Fun -

Doreen G said...

It's nice when one is appreciated Julie.

Jeanie said...

This is absolutely adorable, Miss! And your kids sound wonderful! What a beautiful package -- love this story -- I have a BIG smile!

kelsey said...

Well deserved but I bet it wasn't a chore to look after another furry face. Glad you only shared the chocs with the boys and not the alcohol Julie! lol

Janet said...

Pipepee is so cute, and how nice of the owners to send you such a great thank you gift.

Archer is so adorable!!! That little face is so sweet.

lindacreates said...

I love the dialog from the boys! What fun to teach boys. From my experience meeting an Aussie teen, they are very polite!

Enjoy your flowers. Did you see I got another Golden named Sugar? She is so so sweet. I feel loved again.

Sue Smith said...

:) Just love that story Miss Julie! And it's great to see you being spoiled good and proper :)