Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trading ATC's

Just a few short weeks ago I left a comment for the amazing multi talented Gaby asking her if she would like to trade with me. I was blessed and a little surprised when Gaby instantly replied that she would like to. The ATC's above arrived today (with some wonderful ephemera) and I was blown away; so much wonderful detail and yet the cards are still almost flat. The flowers in the middle card are hand painted, there are tiny seed beads glued to Nadine's dress and the backgrounds are full of colourful layers of paint and stamps.
Some of these ATC's are winging their way to Gaby and Debbi. Did I mention how excited I was when Debbi, the Debbi Baker, asked if I would like to trade with her!
To do these I grabbed a handful of chipboard and paper frames and applied rusting paint, then dry brushed a little verdigris paint on top and let the oxidising solution do its thing on both paints at once. While they were drying I took a handful of green toned paper scraps and sprayed the whole lot with walnut ink. It was then the fun began, using little bits and pieces off my desk (and the floor), some Tombow water colour pens and distress inks I fiddled and arranged for, well a long time..
Off to check the bread pudding in the oven, YUM!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Out and About

I am not sure the dairy cows fully appreciate their awesome views here, just 15 minutes from home, but I am so glad that I made the time to do so today.
When I awoke this morning the sun was shining, the sky was clear and blue and I knew I had to be out. I decided to take the car for its first run at full speed so Archer and I set off for a little town just over 50km's away.

There is something wonderful about collections of mailboxes all together. I chose spots for Archer to stretch his legs where I could snap a few.

I knew Arch' had found a really good smell here, his dear little tail was as still as it can be and his whole focus on the ground in front of him.

The cattle looked so content in the paddock - such a contrast to the steaks they will become.
It was however, a dreamy morning, do you see the wood smoke in the background?

This is a favourite, and much photographed mailbox on the road home. I wonder what the postie thought when it first arrived.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tape Measure Journals

I managed to catch a few last rays of sunshine tonight and snap pictures of these journals. I really like using old measuring tape in my art, an addiction that began after Leighanna sent me about 12" of dirty old tape in a parcel of treasured rust. I eked that piece of tape out until I had my own collection (the bottom picture shows just some of my tape).
I made all of the covers (the backs are just plain tape) for these journals back when Dawn visited in early July. Then bored with using rings to bind and not wanting to use one of the more time consuming binding methods for my humble note pads and journals I ordered a Zutter (the thingy you use to punch these fab' rectangular holes and bind with wire).
Then finally this week it was time to play. The top journal features a beautiful rusty drawer plate (thanks Dawn), the second was an experiment using copper tape and patina. The book above has a photo of Ernest Hubbard in 1868, I don't know him, but I did not like finding him at the tip shop - where he had been rescued from a recycling bin. The copper clover leaf folded over the clock bezel is not as bright in 'real life'. This bottom journal seems very 'neat' compared to others, I used all the same tape and an Making Memories frame on this one. The frame was a shiny pewter colour and the metal number two was a gold colour - so I am very grateful for the action of sandpaper and patina! It is also the only journal not to include one of myfavourite embellishments - screw brads. I rust them thirty or forty at a time and still never seem to have enough :)
I have some of this tape for sale in my Etsy, it funds the habit! I can't use the 20 or 30 meters in a roll and like to have a variety.

Back to the mundane, dishes and marking. Enjoy your week!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Tassel Dolls with Secrets

I adore all the doll parts that are being rescued from the grounds of old doll factories in Germany, the idea of recycling and repurposing parts which have been under ground and long forgotten gives me pleasure.
These tassels feature heads which I bought direct from Germany. None of them are perfect, they would not pass the quality inspections of 2008, and yet they are beautiful. Their skirts are made of fibre, ribbon, fabric and trim from my collection and hidden within each are secrets. Secrets stamped on sterling silver charms or wrapped around hand rolled paper beads. Little jewels, glass beads and charms are stitched so as to be hidden from the casual viewer and yet visible to those who get to know the lady well.
The four above have all gone off to dear friends, and there are two more for sale on my Etsy. I have five more heads and another theme in mind, so perhaps I will play with them tomorrow.
I am off to my second birthday party for the day - male again, so no chance for pretties, but nice to relax with friends.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

After Dawn left...

I spied this beautiful little dolly she had worked on hanging on the doors into my lounge. Knowing that we had nattered until the early hours of the morning leaving Dawn to pack in a hurry I assumed he had been left behind. I sighed as I admired all the wonderful detail and delicious embellishments covering his body - Dawn gets it 'just right' every time.
I wrapped him gently in tissue paper, popped him in a bubble wrap bag and sent Dawn a mail to say this beautiful star doll was on the way. As you may have guessed I was told to unwrap him quickly - star dollies do not like bags - and he was made to stay.
How lucky am I?
It seems that August is the month of birthdays for my arty friends and I have been creating and wrapping almost every day. I am looking forward to sharing as in a strange way this doll inspired me towards some 'pretty' art. Of course there is grunge too.
I am so proud of myself, I cleaned my own gutters out yesterday, the storms we had a few weeks ago filled them with leaves and debris so up I went (in the rain) perched on the very top rung of the ladder (Whoops now I am sounding like an idiot - but I felt like a hero at the time) and scooped muck while holding the hose and pruning sheers. Archer ended up soaked as he wanted to help, my jumper kept growing longer and longer as it got full of water and the hippy pants seemed to grow too. I can't count the number of time I laughed as I squirted myself with the hose, accidentally, in the rain on a winters day. I guess it was just a 'good to be me' activity, and perhaps you had to be there...
Later the glass of red wine in the hot bath full of lavender bubbles was pretty good too.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


When all is cold
hard skies
then ...
through glass ...
golden light
thank you.