Sunday, August 03, 2008


When all is cold
hard skies
then ...
through glass ...
golden light
thank you.


Janet said...

Winter sure doesn't look like that where I live! Beautiful!!

Gaby Bee said...

I did not have your email address. Yes of course, I would love to have an ATC exchange with you. It looks like I'll need to get busy on some more ATC's for trade...

Me said...

This Northern girl smiles at your cold. :)

Beautiful photos.

Dot said...

Lovely photo's my friend. Your garden must be beautiful (like you).

Dotee xoxo

carmel said...

oh Julie, nothing like a WA winter! I've actually worn a coat this year LOL mind you it's a wee bit colder at your end! lovely pics/words. Cheers, Carmel ps also loved the earrings on your last post.

Karen Cole said...


Even though it is a warm summer day here, your words made the warmth increase substantially.

I just received your book today. This is one of the finest I've seen so far. There is so much beauty for you to keep. You will sure to be pleased.

Keep that as a warm thought to get you through the cold.

xo Karen