Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Cards and Snippets of Life

I needed to make a few Christmas cards to send home with an overseas guest, one led to another and now I am all done - yippee! These two pictures show Christmas cards which feature playing cards from a pack I purchased several years ago and did not do anything with until now.
My gift cards, ready to put on little end-of-year gifts at school.
Last year I bought cards for the first time in almost a decade, and regretted it, I am so pleased to have these all ready to give and send. Now to complete some swaps I have due, and have somehow left to the last minute again.
My Art-of-the-Month for September from Bevlea. A beautiful montage inside an equally beautifully decorated tin.
Beautiful bookmarks purchased from Carole in New Zealand.
Charles: The best excuse for not ironing.
Yum! The beginnings of a red marsala curry sweet on my tongue and then so hot the top of my head was sweating and my lips went numb.
My Art-of-the-Month from Debbi in August. A wonderful fabric collage now hanging in my entrance.
Today was wonderful I taught a jewellery class at school and the class were so interested in the art side of jewellery and the choice of found objects as a focus - bliss. I only teach on special occasionally as I find it takes the joy out of my personal creative time if it is also my work.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moth and My Boys

This is the underside of a fairly common white moth as viewed through the pale blue glass window in my bathroom, at night time. a thing of beauty, almost ethereal. What have I been busy with as the boys slumber and slink through the house? A little family, some sewing, planting a vegetable patch, and enjoying the sunshine which has finally come to this corner of the world.
I took photo's today of some wonderful art I received over the last month, and will post again soon. for now it is off to sleep, to enjoy the coolish night with my purr babies and woofy boy - all snoring at various volumes!