Friday, October 30, 2009

Christmas Cards and Snippets of Life

I needed to make a few Christmas cards to send home with an overseas guest, one led to another and now I am all done - yippee! These two pictures show Christmas cards which feature playing cards from a pack I purchased several years ago and did not do anything with until now.
My gift cards, ready to put on little end-of-year gifts at school.
Last year I bought cards for the first time in almost a decade, and regretted it, I am so pleased to have these all ready to give and send. Now to complete some swaps I have due, and have somehow left to the last minute again.
My Art-of-the-Month for September from Bevlea. A beautiful montage inside an equally beautifully decorated tin.
Beautiful bookmarks purchased from Carole in New Zealand.
Charles: The best excuse for not ironing.
Yum! The beginnings of a red marsala curry sweet on my tongue and then so hot the top of my head was sweating and my lips went numb.
My Art-of-the-Month from Debbi in August. A wonderful fabric collage now hanging in my entrance.
Today was wonderful I taught a jewellery class at school and the class were so interested in the art side of jewellery and the choice of found objects as a focus - bliss. I only teach on special occasionally as I find it takes the joy out of my personal creative time if it is also my work.


Jacky said...

Julie your Christmas cards and tags are just are so organised!
Love your gifties (thanks for sharing) and that Masala Curry looks divine...might have to beg the recipe from you. I love a good curry.

Sending Christmas Cheer to the Christmas Card maker.

Jacky xox

Jen Crossley said...

Hm Masala curry lools yummy Julie.I agree with Jacky your so organised,beautiful cards

kelsey said...

What a bounty of goodies in your post Julie! Love the fact that you make your Christmas Cards, these are beautiful.

Samantha Marshall said...

So many beautiful arty things!! The curry looks good, too, mmm...

Studio Sylvia said...

Arrived at your blog via Jacky's, Julie. Christmas cards? Haven't even thought about them yet. Yours look great. Like the little tags, too.

Jeanie said...

Everything in this post is fabulous (especially Charles!). Those cards are just wonderful, and you've actually inspired me to get my tail in gear and do SOMETHING holiday. These are amazing and everyone on your list is going to be thrilled to be the recipient!

Jeanie said...

PS -- isn't bliss the best? I think it may be one of my favorite words!

Gaby Bee said...

I agree with the above comments, really beautiful arty things! Love all the displayed creations.
Your Curry looks absolutely yummy!
Have a good one.

dogfaeriex5 said...

just beautiful, i love the use of buttons..i love buttons...xox

"Hands to Work, Hearts to God" said...

So many beautiful things to see on your blog! I've been so grateful to God that I was born in the time of the internet! Never was there a time when so many artists could generously share their work around the world!

MÂȘ Clara Lloveras said...

Hello Julie,

I put in my blog photos of atc`s!
I hope do you like it!

Happy weekend

Maria Clara.

chess said...

Those stuffs are pretty unique. I really enjoyed looking at them.

kiwicarole said...

Hi Julie, gosh you are so organized getting all your xmas cards made, I haven't even thought about them yet!!