Sunday, July 27, 2008

Earrings Galore

I have quite a few projects 'on the go' at the moment but it seems the only thing I can finish is earrings. I love the teeny tiny ladies watch faces I have used for the five pairs above and the way their little hands swing lightly below. I have listed one set on Etsy, if you would like any of the others listed please let me know.
The cog and wheel trees were also fun to make and are surprisingly light weight. I wonder if the watchmakers of old would approve of the recycling that occurs with the creation of steampunk jewellery.

The bird earrings have so many 'almost too good to use' components, blue mother of pearl fetish beads, sterling silver hand made nests, and glass leaf beads.
It has been a totally relaxing weekend full of friends, sleep, creativity, sleep and did I mention I caught up on some sleep, LOL.
Enjoy the week!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Winter Friendships (and the Heater)

Archer and Harvey


Harvey, Phantom and Archer
Not feeling photogenic on photo day: Charles

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Unravelling? I am not sure why, it just seems to be the way I am, and it is a good thing, good to undo the knots and look at life a little bit at a time. These earrings all feature the parts of a pocket watch called the balance cock. A harsh name for pieces with such beautiful engraving. I have listed the first pair on my Etsy and will make time to do the others later in the week.
I have booked a stand at a little country show, held and hour or two up the road, in October and have enjoyed using some of the bits and pieces on my desk to make these bookmarks ready for the day.
My beautiful friend Dawn came to stay this week and aside from long chats (how easy it is to right the world while sewing, wrapping and gluing), we managed some time out to shop and to make a very brief visit to the Porongerups for a walk. This lovely little kookaburra is big in my mind, and yet he is such a tiny part of the forest made of tall, tall trees. How like life.

Monday, July 14, 2008

What a week!

Thank you so much to everyone who left kind comments on the last post. Unofficially I have heard my car is a right off but still no paperwork, and it seems to have consumed a lot of time in the past week. I am so blessed to have Mum's car now for up to a month if I need it.
It seems that once again the only haven from the busyness of life has been my art room.
I stepped away from my usual colours for the top junk pin and enjoyed the experience.
This one is more muted, but oddly it wasn't until I named them for Etsy, 'fairytale' (or escape) and 'peace' that I realised they were actually therapy - constructed prayers for my life.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Such is life...

I have been particularly busy and decided to treat this first week of the school holidays like, well, a school week. Head off to work each morning and work away in the quiet of my office without distractions. Monday morning I set off, feeling a combination of resignation and perhaps a little righteousness (after all I am a grown up and I had found a coping strategy).
I was quite relaxed as I sat (STATIONARY) at the roundabout when BANG SHOCK I was in the middle of double lanes of traffic going around the round-about. Yep, I had been rear ended. I am stiff but no permanent damage.
My poor little car is another sad story...and the time to make police reports, call the insurance people etc etc etc
And yet by last night I was overwhelmed with love for those around me. I had been offered enough cars to drive a different one each day for weeks, had wine delivered, and friends drop in. So now, I am home, attempting to work - and being distracted, dribbling away to you, adding items to my etsy, working on this and that...and feeling fairly content.

Friday, July 04, 2008

My Gummy Babe and a Story

Dear sweet Harvey has had a big week, On Saturday he went to the vet, the first time THE VET was to touch him, and was vaccinated among other things, boy was THAT an experience.
I planned carefully, put some catnip in his carrier, took Archer with us and arranged to go in just before usual hours so he could avoid crowds.
Oh the best laid plans of mice and men...
My lovely vet gave him a sedative to make checking his ears and teeth easier, and said, 'I will be back in ten minutes, he will be out to it then'.
Ten minutes later the vet walks in,
I scoop Harvey out and hold him loosely,
The door opens...
Out the door...through the now crowded waiting room...past reception...through the cages and kennels, then the operating theater... back through the waiting room....up the stairs....through the staff room...and the store room...into the office. All the while I am saying, 'please don't chase him' and " I am SOOOO sorry' about 50 times each. Eventually he jumps onto Jim's chair and sits waiting for me to scoop him up and take him back down the stairs.
We treated his ears on Saturday and he has been Mr Smoochy all week. His reward, I took him back today to have all but a handful of his teeth out. And again, the vet visit has made him really appreciate home and his Mum, it should, do you see that sludge in the background? Chicken breast, poached and blended with organic rolled oats and little sea salt.
It's hard to describe how much I love this little fellow, and the journey he has taken me on. I have grown as a person because I have him, because I have had to earn his trust.