Saturday, July 19, 2008


Unravelling? I am not sure why, it just seems to be the way I am, and it is a good thing, good to undo the knots and look at life a little bit at a time. These earrings all feature the parts of a pocket watch called the balance cock. A harsh name for pieces with such beautiful engraving. I have listed the first pair on my Etsy and will make time to do the others later in the week.
I have booked a stand at a little country show, held and hour or two up the road, in October and have enjoyed using some of the bits and pieces on my desk to make these bookmarks ready for the day.
My beautiful friend Dawn came to stay this week and aside from long chats (how easy it is to right the world while sewing, wrapping and gluing), we managed some time out to shop and to make a very brief visit to the Porongerups for a walk. This lovely little kookaburra is big in my mind, and yet he is such a tiny part of the forest made of tall, tall trees. How like life.


Ev said...

so glad you could spend some time with Dawn, oh how I wish!!! I didn't even get to do my textile workshops this weekend (or go scrapping like I had the chance to) After 2 weeks of holidays I am getting cabin fever with the kid LOL. Those earrings look do the bookmarks (I still use the one I bought from you and love the noise it makes). Might go attack my embellisher again - see how many needles I break tonight LOL...and no nothing on my blog yet.

BELINDA said...

Glad I found you, your book marks and earrings are gorgeous. Belinda

Lost Aussie said...

Good luck with selling your lovely creations!
I tagged you on my blog so go check it out!

Ro Bruhn said...

Your earrings are beautiful, I love the cogs.

kelsey said...

Gorgeous earrings & bookmarks Julie and I bet you had a blast with Miss Prawn staying down there with you! Good luck with the stand and I'm sure you'll do well.

Jacky said...

How lovely to have Dawnie come for a visit!!! Love the new earrings Julie, those engraved pieces are beautiful.
Love the kookaburra (I was just listening to some cackling away this afternoon), and that beautiful tree.
Thanks for sharing these lovely pics.