Saturday, July 26, 2008

Winter Friendships (and the Heater)

Archer and Harvey


Harvey, Phantom and Archer
Not feeling photogenic on photo day: Charles


Doreen G said...

Your family are so adorable Julie they must be such a comfort to you.

Janet said...

They all look so relaxed and content.

I've been on a blogging break and only just began visiting again. I posted photos of my kitties on my blog just a couple of days ago....doing the same thing, sleeping.

Dot said...

Such contented photo's of your babies Julie. I love seeing photo's of them looking so content( and warm).

Am sure Harvey was somewhere close by!

Dawnie said...

Dont they all look comfty and cosy with that Harvey boy looking very calm and relaxed in his home.Looks like he has some BFF in his life now.BRILLIANT !

Dawnie T