Monday, September 25, 2006

Art Dolls Arrive

Just look at these glorious dolls I received in Dot's art doll swap. They are all so different and so much time and thought has gone into each one.

Tonight I am going to wander around my home finding places for them to rest. Thank you to Dot for the organisation and the lovely tin doll, to Kim for Mersenne (front right), Jacky for Serena (green in the middle), Shirley for the beaded princess (top left), Natalie for the burgundy child (middle) and Dawn for the green angel (top right).

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Shopping and girl talk.

These are four of the 11 ATC's I have made for France's 'Industria' swap on a group she runs. I had such a lot of fun making these. All different, but with the same or similar elements.

Today I have been to the markets, and had coffee with my friend Elaine. I have a huge bag of fresh broccoli, asparagus, snow peas, mushrooms and more. Of course I treated myself to some beautiful Irises too.

I have bought frames, and framed, the gorgeous prints I purchased from Kelly Rae Roberts - they brighten my rooms beautifully. I have been out for afternoon coffee, done several loads of washing, and all in all am feeling quite proud of all I have crammed into the day so far.

Of course I have also avoided the ever huge marking pile - and so am off to attack it now.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Phantom trying to sneak out of my wardrobe shelves where he has obviously enjoyed today's afternoon nap!

Sandy just tagged me for this one and it seemed like a fun idea (there is always a stack of books by the bed and several others around the house):

Here are the rules:
1. Grab the book closest to you...NO cheating!
2. Open to page 123.
3. Scroll down to 5th sentence.
4. Post text of next 3 sentences on blog-and name of book and author Tag 3 people (that will be the hardest part!)

It rained, the mountain was muddy, the car got stuck, and my mother twisted her ankle and lost a piece of jewellery.
We had to stay behind longer than planned, when we were needed for the wedding preparations.
If I had been superstitious I would have said that none of the signs boded well.

Married by Force, by Leila

I tag Dot, Sulea and Elaine.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Gypsy - and her caravan

As a child my mother used to say, "Your hair looks like a gypsy's, put it up." And "This room is like a Gypsy's caravan - if you are going to have all this stuff, you are going to have to be the one to clean it." I was seven. This was not a compliment.

From that point on my mother did not come into my room without knocking. If I was at school she may leave dry washing on the bed.

And I cleaned my 'caravan', my haven from life. That particular room had sky blue walls - it was tiny - and it was full. Full of light, and trinkets, textures and colour, full of dreams and hope ...

I showed a friend some of the photos from an earlier post and she said that they did not look like me. After reflecting I realised that while my little home is evolving into my caravan again, and my clothes, are almost all, the hippy/boho/gypsy style I have loved from childhood, I am still wearing my hair up most of the time. More than that I have been seperating my arty life(real me - NOW) from some of my treasured friends, made before I released myself to soar again, to be me. The me my God made me.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

More E-bay Goodies

It's Spring, so I have to Clean

I am not sure what it is about Spring that has me using a broom and clearing cupboards. However it is happening. My craft room clean out has started after a friends comment last week. We were discussing the tragic death of two Australians dong what they loved - she looked at the piles around me and said, "You could be the third, buried under all these bits and pieces." I have started listing on e-bay and will continue over the next few days.

Time for Tea

After a particularly time challenged week I was determined to get my fingers dirty tonight. I got home from that bastion of Australian-women's-entertainment, the Tupperware party, and made this little pin. I have a few more of these little teapots so will play around with them some more this weekend - as bodies they are great.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I happened to glance down at my neighbors washing line this afternoon, these lovely cockeys (pink gallahs/cockatoos) were all waiting so patiently. My neighbour feeds the native birds and these beautiful birds pop in to wait on the clothes line regularly.

Why is it that we humans, and me especially, are so bad at waiting. Last week I was on hold waiting for help from my bank, 15 minutes into a 38 minute wait on hold ("We are sorry for the delay, all our operators are busy. Your call is important to us, we will be with as soon as possible."), I realised that I had a portable phone, a good novel and the means to make a cup-of-tea. Here was a chance to chill without feeling guilty.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Aunty Blue and the Mystical Child

These are the last two dolls I made for Dots' swap. They are currently winging their way to Victoria, eager to meet their new families. I really did have fun with these ones. Thanks Dot.

One of the dolls will be going to Bernie Berlins' Call For Art. Bernie is an American artist who runs an animal rescue. She really gives her life to rescue cats and dogs who would otherwise lose their lives. Take a few moments, if you can, to browse her blog and see the amazing work she does with unwanted and unloved furry people.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aim, shoot, and I have eyelashes!

Delirious from lack of sleep, not having brushed my hair for 18 hours, and with no make-up I decide to take pictures of myself while waiting for a computer update.

The result ... about 10 photos I am happy with ... The first I have liked in years.
And yes, I like the colour versions too, will use some another day ...

Note: If you wish to try this at home shooting from above not only removes double chins, but triple too.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Like Minds

Today has been a long one already! I stayed up late last night preparing these samples for a Demo I was doing at Scrapbook Designs . I have so much fun at the demo's - an hour to share what I have been playing with lately, and new products, with interested ladies. Today there were 18 lovely attendees ranging from complete beginners to very experienced ladies.

Aren't those Delish keys fabulous? I have been trying Julie van Oosten's 'Industria' techniques for a Stampgropers Industria ATC swap. Delish call their core board products biscuit board, cracks me up - because it is definitely not edible. I did lots of colouring with alcohol inks, some punching and stamping too. I do wish I worked two days a week and played for five!

One of my kindred spirits, Kelly, came to the demo and we have just been for a deluxe lunch at the local Book Cafe. I am now off for coffee with another creative friend. Oh lucky me! I needed friends and like minds to lift my spirits today.

Good bye ...

Good bye to the King of the Mountain
Good bye Peter Brock

As I write this I have a sad ache in my heart. An Aussie icon died doing what he loved yesterday, driving a rally car. I am sad for his children, and those who knew him.

I am also sad for me, this 'hunk-a-spunk' (yes, even at 61) has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. At 30 he was HOT! I had his picture on my wall at boarding school, I know.
But I don't think it was his looks that drew me. It was his never-give-up attitude, persist, keep trying. Whether you succeed or not be looking to the next mountain to climb. They called him Peter Perfect, he was Peter the Perfectionist.

I grew up on a farm and learnt to drive young, very young. I also drove fast because there were no barriers. I didn't watch much sport, but I watched Bathurst and the V8's. I remember one year when I was about 10 they put Bathurst, an all day race, on ABC - I begged my Dad to bring a bucket to the lounge so I would not have to leave the room for the toilet. Lucky me there was an accident and the pace car came out freeing me to go ...

I would watch every lap of those races. Gripped to my seat, willing Brocky to win, and 9 times he won Bathurst. Peter was the first in Australia to have Race Cam' in his car and talk us through the laps. I was there with him, I raced.

I am not sure how I feel about motor sport as I have become more environmentally aware, I have not 'adopted' any similar heroes since I chose Peter as a five or six year old. But, I am sure that Brocky was a hero of mine, and I miss him today ...

I looked for a picture for this post but none of them showed enough of what is in my heart, so I will leave the pictures there.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Night Muse

Here are another three of my art doll family, Burgundy the Serene, Orange Puck and the Everyday Princess. As I work on each one I become fonder and fonder of them. My street is asleep, all the lights have been out for hours. Maggie put herself to bed at 10.00pm and The Boys are all curled up infront of the fire, or on the lounge. And yet it is in the night I find my muse, my mojo, my freedom to be. I find that inner peace, that stillness, I see no shadows...

Each little dolly has a heart stamped on its tummy overlayed with a leaf or flower. I know it is there, no one else will ever see it, hidden beneath the layers, it is there.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dolly Days

Here are the first two dolls for an art doll swap hosted by Dot. I am making seven all in different colours, here we have Mr Black and Mrs Brown; blue, lavendar, orange, green and burgundy have tummies so far! Mr Black has his legs spread because Ms Dotee only had one rule - that the dollies be no more than 6" tall, .... hehe As for the teaspoon legs, they are left over from my angel project.

I will introduce the rest of the family as they are 'born'.