Wednesday, September 13, 2006


I happened to glance down at my neighbors washing line this afternoon, these lovely cockeys (pink gallahs/cockatoos) were all waiting so patiently. My neighbour feeds the native birds and these beautiful birds pop in to wait on the clothes line regularly.

Why is it that we humans, and me especially, are so bad at waiting. Last week I was on hold waiting for help from my bank, 15 minutes into a 38 minute wait on hold ("We are sorry for the delay, all our operators are busy. Your call is important to us, we will be with as soon as possible."), I realised that I had a portable phone, a good novel and the means to make a cup-of-tea. Here was a chance to chill without feeling guilty.


pinar said...

anxiety.. we feel anxiety when wait..because we may wait in vain..
life has thought us..
but I have learned being positive .. when I have to..

Dotee said...

Hi there lovely
I have been wanting to comment since you put this post up. But pesky blogger wouldn't let me!

What a lovely picture of the pink galahs on your neighbours clothesline!

Liked your thoughts on waiting too.
Glad you decided to utilise your time while you were waiting for the pesky bank. A gift of time indeed.

Much love

Dotee xoxo

One Crabapple said...

So clever ! and I will remember that the next time I am on hold for this incessant amount of time....not good on patience either...I like your idea of turning the energy around on this.

As for the bird picture. I am so glad you took it and put it on. Aren't they a delight next to all of those colorful clothespins ? they are really very beautiful ... the peach heads ? Are these the birds they call the love birds ?

What a sight. And she feeds them ? How nice !