Friday, September 08, 2006

Night Muse

Here are another three of my art doll family, Burgundy the Serene, Orange Puck and the Everyday Princess. As I work on each one I become fonder and fonder of them. My street is asleep, all the lights have been out for hours. Maggie put herself to bed at 10.00pm and The Boys are all curled up infront of the fire, or on the lounge. And yet it is in the night I find my muse, my mojo, my freedom to be. I find that inner peace, that stillness, I see no shadows...

Each little dolly has a heart stamped on its tummy overlayed with a leaf or flower. I know it is there, no one else will ever see it, hidden beneath the layers, it is there.


Kelly W said...

Your art dolls are fantastic - I immediately went back and tried to find their hearts! Glad you got your mojo and found that inner quiet - nothing like it.

Natalie B said...

These are all fantastic Julie. Cant wait to see them in the "flesh". Big hugs Natxx

Sulea said...

hi Julie,

haha i love it how you stamp a heart underneath the overlay... you know what.. lol i do that tooo underneath my collages!!! i write a word or something positive under it but no one can see it lol :o)

there's a quote that goes, look towards the light/sun and you will see no shadows. becuase the shadows would be behind you. i like to think of the inner light/sun instead of the real sun. :o) HAPPY FRIDAY. *big hug*

Dotee said...

Oh Julie, I am in love with each and everyone of these!

And I am glad your night muse found you. There is something very special about creating at night isn't there? It has magical kid of feeling.

I love knowing you have stamped a heart on each of them. When I hold art you have made I can always feel the love. And now I know there is a special little heart.

What a beautiful soul you are((((((Julie)))))).

Mrs Brown, Mrs Black, Orange Puck (yippeee), Burgundy the Serene, and the Everyday Princess (nuffin' oirdinary about her) and your soon to be born dollie will be treated with much love and affection before they wing their way to their new homes.

Happy Friday my friend xoxo

dogfaeriex5 said...

i cannot wait to see which dolly i will get, you are very talented my dear...good mojo from one friend to another!!!

One Crabapple said...

Julie these are fantastic

And to find that they have hidden hearts makes them a delight.

More than that...they seem to have souls now.

I love seeing each one as I enlarge the pictures you have here.

Those little roundy bodies are perfect. I have not seen any other art dolls like this.

Very nice !

carmel said...

A beautiful family, like the tin man and the lion finding their heart and courage is all on the inside. It's going to be a great swap for you guys, what a collection you will have. Cheers, Carmel x