Saturday, September 09, 2006

Good bye ...

Good bye to the King of the Mountain
Good bye Peter Brock

As I write this I have a sad ache in my heart. An Aussie icon died doing what he loved yesterday, driving a rally car. I am sad for his children, and those who knew him.

I am also sad for me, this 'hunk-a-spunk' (yes, even at 61) has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. At 30 he was HOT! I had his picture on my wall at boarding school, I know.
But I don't think it was his looks that drew me. It was his never-give-up attitude, persist, keep trying. Whether you succeed or not be looking to the next mountain to climb. They called him Peter Perfect, he was Peter the Perfectionist.

I grew up on a farm and learnt to drive young, very young. I also drove fast because there were no barriers. I didn't watch much sport, but I watched Bathurst and the V8's. I remember one year when I was about 10 they put Bathurst, an all day race, on ABC - I begged my Dad to bring a bucket to the lounge so I would not have to leave the room for the toilet. Lucky me there was an accident and the pace car came out freeing me to go ...

I would watch every lap of those races. Gripped to my seat, willing Brocky to win, and 9 times he won Bathurst. Peter was the first in Australia to have Race Cam' in his car and talk us through the laps. I was there with him, I raced.

I am not sure how I feel about motor sport as I have become more environmentally aware, I have not 'adopted' any similar heroes since I chose Peter as a five or six year old. But, I am sure that Brocky was a hero of mine, and I miss him today ...

I looked for a picture for this post but none of them showed enough of what is in my heart, so I will leave the pictures there.


Dotee said...

Hi Julie
Thankyou for sharing your memories of watching Peter Brock race. I can imagine you as a little watching the races with enthusiasm.
It is sad that Peter Brock has died. 2 well known Australian's in the one week. It has been a sad time.
Much love to you. Thinking of you
Dotee xoxo

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

I must say that I am more of a "fan" of his in later life, only because my husband is a mad keen rev head and spoke about Peter often. But I have to admit, I became interested in him even more so recently, after seeing him become a motivational speaker, turn vegetarian and offer his services to kids that needed to become more "driver aware". He was a caring man and I along with the rest of Australia, have been saddened by his death. Like Dottee says, 2 Aussie icons in one week. Also 2 of the men we think are most invincible. Big hugs Natxx