Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Gypsy - and her caravan

As a child my mother used to say, "Your hair looks like a gypsy's, put it up." And "This room is like a Gypsy's caravan - if you are going to have all this stuff, you are going to have to be the one to clean it." I was seven. This was not a compliment.

From that point on my mother did not come into my room without knocking. If I was at school she may leave dry washing on the bed.

And I cleaned my 'caravan', my haven from life. That particular room had sky blue walls - it was tiny - and it was full. Full of light, and trinkets, textures and colour, full of dreams and hope ...

I showed a friend some of the photos from an earlier post and she said that they did not look like me. After reflecting I realised that while my little home is evolving into my caravan again, and my clothes, are almost all, the hippy/boho/gypsy style I have loved from childhood, I am still wearing my hair up most of the time. More than that I have been seperating my arty life(real me - NOW) from some of my treasured friends, made before I released myself to soar again, to be me. The me my God made me.


France said...

I love your hair! mine is so straight and thin!! I love your pins! And our home is like a gypsy's caravan too! My room was a gypsy's caravan! I love it! As long as there's no bugs or rodents I don't care how it looks (well, as long as no one visits! LOL!)
I know where most of the things are (except when I've decided to clean up, then I can't find anything). Julie, as long as you're happy... that's what matters.

Natalie B said...

Julie you are possibly one of the most talented people I know. you can turn your hand to so many different forms of art and all and I mean ALL of your work is just fabulous. Pity you live so far away, as I would love to come and see your treasure trove/caravan and drool over your bellies and work. Love your teapot pins!
Big hugs Natalie

Julie H said...

Thanks so much France and Nat. It makes my day to read your comments. I am so envious that Kez is going to catch up with you both this week - even though she is not in Perth for the best reason.

What I most loved about these is that I made them just because I could. No swap, or plan, just creating. One of them has evolved into a gift already, hehe.

Dotee said...


I love reading your blog. And, gaining more and more insight into who you are.

Your hair is beautiful. I liked seeing it down at the camp. So wavy and textured. And I love the way you dress! That bohemian look really suits you.

I can just imagine your gypsy bedroom of your childhood.

Am so pleased you are soaring now. You are such a beautiful soul. So sensitive and talented.
Your friends will love the real you. The very special person you are.

Your teapot pins are gorgeous! Anyone would be privileged to own one. Glad you had fun creating for the sake of creating. It's fun to create when you don't know who you are creating for!

Much love to you my gypsy friend.

PJ said...

Hi Julie

I've been struggling over the last oh... few months... now to find inspiration to get creative again... mojo seriously lacking! After spending a day just aimlessly wandering around the www following links sent by other kindrid spirits I found your blog and I think you've hit the nail on the head (well, for me anyway!) Creativity and expression of art is not about doing it for a reason... it's just doing 'just because you can'. Thank you for reminding me of this as sometimes on the road we forget our way. BTW Your teapot pins are just spectacular!

Oh... and I agree totally with Dottee - you have truly beautiful hair. It was so nice to meet you at camp.

Take care and let your gypsy spirit run wild!

carmel said...

Hi Julie,
oh to have hair that runs wild - can also relate to the gipsy room I also have said room and a few cupboards as well lol Tim calls me the hoarder but it runs in the family, my mother gave me the Cow & Gate tag that was on the crib in the hospital I was born in and she even kept the hosp. bill - BTW loved your pieces in S&P and I love your teapot - I agree with Nat, pity you are not closer so we could have 'play days' but Nat is also moving so 'it's no fair'...take care, Carmel x

Sulea said...

Julie, I envy your gypsy caravan!!! i wish i had a gypsy caravan when i was a kid.. it was always so sterile and neat... but now i have a whole living room gypsy caravan LOL WOOHOOO!!! :o)

How cute are your teapot men.. and how adorable are those tiny spoon and gingerbread man on the end of the teapot man.......... you are so creative!!!


PS. i love your hair. mine is such a mess...........that's why i don't take any photos.. lol

dogfaeriex5 said...

you remind so much of my aunt betsy, who is an angel now, she was a free-spirit and just a lovely talented woman of the earth..always go with our heart, it will not lead you astray..i always do...

pinar said...

I love your hair.. even before being combed.. as you showed us..
my mom told me.. your angel is dirty.. this is Ĺźdiom in here.. bu when I had a house of my own .. and she came to visit me.. she said.. where did the dirty lady of our housego.. who are you..??
gethering a sign of perfectionism.. they say so.. it is a good point I guess..

♥ joleen ♥ said...

oh my goodness, i just love these! they're beautiful!

One Crabapple said...

what a wonderful story.

I love that gypsy hair QQQ

Listen ! the Teapot People ?

Those are awesome ! if I can be allowed to use that word for a moment !

Wow Jules they are dancing when no one is looking I think...I love them.

I like your description of your home becoming a caravan. I think I am gonna use that to make my mess seem more romantic ! I really am getting in over my head lately ! Definitely has a gypsy look about it ! WILD and Wooly !

At least I am in good company !

How are the cats doing ?

Love, S.