Monday, September 11, 2006

Aunty Blue and the Mystical Child

These are the last two dolls I made for Dots' swap. They are currently winging their way to Victoria, eager to meet their new families. I really did have fun with these ones. Thanks Dot.

One of the dolls will be going to Bernie Berlins' Call For Art. Bernie is an American artist who runs an animal rescue. She really gives her life to rescue cats and dogs who would otherwise lose their lives. Take a few moments, if you can, to browse her blog and see the amazing work she does with unwanted and unloved furry people.


Natalie B said...

Ohhh these are stunning Julie. I especially love the colour of the blue one. Such a stunning and vibrant blue! Big hugs Natxx

Dotee said...

*Clapping hands with glee*.
These are fabulous Julie! The colors are amazing. I agree with Nat - that blue is incredible!!

And I am sure Bernie will appreciate you sending her one for her call to art. You are such a sweetie.

Can't wait to have your art dollies in my hot little hands!

Dotee xoxo