Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dolly Days

Here are the first two dolls for an art doll swap hosted by Dot. I am making seven all in different colours, here we have Mr Black and Mrs Brown; blue, lavendar, orange, green and burgundy have tummies so far! Mr Black has his legs spread because Ms Dotee only had one rule - that the dollies be no more than 6" tall, .... hehe As for the teaspoon legs, they are left over from my angel project.

I will introduce the rest of the family as they are 'born'.


Dotee said...

Oh Julie I LOVE them!!! I was very excited to see a pic of these two when I checked your blog this afternoon.
Mr Black and Mrs Brown are gorgeous!!

So glad you took part in this swap. Cannot wait to see them all (and their tummies)up close.
How talented you are!
Dotee xoxo

Dotee said...

P.S I think you used the same stuff for their arms that I used for the legs of my recent birdie on a tag - from a bracelet???

Lee-ann said...

Hello Jule............I am just over from Dotee's and I too love them.

I admire those who allow their artform to develope in this style both you and Dotee are very artistic for sure.

nice to visit your lovely blog.

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

Wow! I have some questions. What is the tummy made from? Also how did you do their crowns?? Lovely and I'm very excited about this swap.

Big hugs

Julie H said...

Hi and Thank you.

Yes the arms are like your birdie legs. My local Icky Finks ( A Discount Store ) sells bags of them for $2 in the jewellery section. I have no idea what they are meant for.

The tummies and heads are those round wooden joints Teddy Bear makers use. The crown was from Scrapbook Designs - it has been trimmed, hammered and coloured! The Pointy one was from a little jewellery store in Flioreat.

Will have these peope in the post very soon, and I am so looking forward to meeting my new little family.

littledawnieno1 said...

These are wonderful Julie.I can always expect something very original from you my lovely muse.Your always thinking outside the box (which is where I want to be )and these are fab.
Dawn xxx

Sulea said...

My first thought was these are really original, funky and quirky!!! :o) love them!

dogfaeriex5 said...

ooooo as she squeals!!
i cannot wait to get my dolls..these are beautiful julie, you could almost afix a pin to the back and wear is as jewelry or on a handbag..very clever..

carmel said...

well, it's all been said! very original and funky Julie, as Dawn said - outside the box. Love'm and all the previous posts as well - such a production of talent. Cheers, Carmel x

One Crabapple said...

Love these !