Thursday, August 31, 2006

Real Women - 4

I think that my creative woman has been inspired by Dot's art - look at those sparkles!

This has been a very busy week ... and I have made a new friend. My friend K's feisty, independent - but ill - Uncle had a fall earlier in the week. He was alone on the floor overnight and was lucky to be found by a census collector.

The situation has forced this little old man to admit he needs help, help K has been trying to give him more of for years. What a sadness in my heart when I saw the way he had lived. What a privilege to meet this digger (ex serviceman), to hear his stories of cricket and diamond mines. There is a hope in my heart that as he lives his final years I will be his friend - hear his stories, and occasionally, make him laugh, as he listens to mine.

All but my immediate family are in England. In 2000 I attended my Grandfathers 90th birthday, we lost him peacefully in 2005. Since 2000, when I spent time with my amazing, creative great Aunts, and chatted with both Nana H and Grandad S I have realised, that despite a wide circle of wonderful friends, my life is missing the wisdom of the old.


dogfaeriex5 said...

you are very wise, miss julie~
i was the guardian of my grandma, my dads mom(for reasons he wasnt, we can talk later)anyway, she had dementia and early alzheimers and could not longer care for herself, so we found this lovely nursing home where the care was excellent, willowbrook christian nursing home and they treat all residents like they are living in a 4star hotel, it is beautiful ..anyway, my point is that it was such a joy to take over her care as she gave me such great memories as a kid...she loved jewelry, purses and shoes and dressed that way everyday until she passed this past april...i treasure the time i spent with her in her remaining years and thank her for giving me my love of jewelry, shoes and purses..xox-kim

One Crabapple said...

oh Jules....first the story of your new friend and comments on your sensitive soul....I just loved you so much more reading this. I am so sorry to hear about his must be so hard for him. An X Digger must be a pretty independent guy. What a pill to swallow.
Certainly you will be the sweet jam to help with that. You are laying open that heart of yours. YOu Dear Sweet Girl Woman.

And as for the collage / entry in teh book of Women #4 - it is as wonderful as the rest. I love the textures on this one. And that each is a new color. Divine !

xxo L/S

did you tell him your snake story yet ?

One Crabapple said...

have you recovered ?

Dotee said...

Julie, what a beautiful woman you are.
Everytime I read a post on your blog I am struck by our sensitivity towards others.

Love your latest spread in your Real Woman book (smiled at your mention of the sparkles) and love you even more.

Your friend's Uncle is blessed to have you in his life. I am sure you are going to bring so much to his life. And, he will bring so much into yours.

Bless you for being you..

Dotee xoxo