Monday, August 07, 2006

Pink Parcel from France

While new to blogging I signed up for a 'pink' swap hosted by Sandy ( I felt-in some ways- like I was taking a step-of-faith. An international swap, no guidelines as to price of gift, or type, a step into the unknown.

After spending an enjoyable afternoon putting gifts together for my assigned partner I was happy. I so love shopping - and the thought that my parcel would be a surprise to an American, that I had not had any contact with, brought a smile to my face. The swap was over.

Then came the surprise this morning (yes, I always end up forgetting these things go both ways) a parcel from France. Just look at all those gorgeous stamps!

I sat down with a lovely coffee and opened my parcel from Caty ( What a joy - the most recent issue of Marie Claire, glorious illustrations, with my school girl French and a dictionary I will while away an afternoon very soon (Caty has offered to translate any articles I really want to read). Beautiful papers, a desk calendar, embroidery floss, embellishments and envelopes. Lots of lovely treats.

Thank you Caty

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Caty said...

Happy you liked them Julie! Sorry I didn't answer before....still on holidays.....what other colour would you like next......? :)