Friday, August 18, 2006

At last ...

When I purchased my home four years ago the garden had not been touched for a decade. In fact the neighbour's stated, without any attempt at humour, that they did not believe the previous owner had ever stepped off the footpath leading to the car port. My beautiful lemon tree and this ornamental cherry were saved.

I love this tree, that it blossoms in winter when little else does, that it's leaves are a lovely marachino red and that it is part of my homes' history. Each winter I have meant to photograph it in blossom, and each winter I have left it too late - only to see a winter storm dash the blossom to the ground. Today, at last ... I remembered.

I remembered thanks to my lovely friend Dot (see links). I was looking for a sunny spot to photograph the egg people I received from her in the mail today. I bought the lovely blue egg from her (on e-bay), and generously Dot has included the pink one. Thank you Dotee.

While I have moved them safely inside, I have to say, they look gorgeous dangling among the blossoms of this favoured tree.


Natalie B said...

Absolutely lovely Julie! Natxx

littledawnieno1 said...

Your eggie people do look fabo hanging in the tree I must say.Bet they would love to live there.
Makes me want to make some for a xmas tree this year.

Enjoy your new little friends JH.
Dawn xxx

Dotee said...

Oh, I do love reading your posts Julie. They are like a breath of fresh air!
So pleased to see your blossoming cherry tree. And thrilled to see 2 of little egg people resting there in the sun. Am happy they have gone to such a loving home.

Like Dawnie's idea of making some festive ones for Christmas!

Much love to you

Dotee xoxo