Thursday, August 10, 2006

So Blessed

I am sitting here with tears in my eyes totally overwhelmed by the generosity of my friend Dawnie (Dawn Thomas), I know it is supposed to be a secret, but we were each others Mystery Muse on INKrediblyRT ( this month. This morning I received this amazing double side, four collages, wall hanging - which I can not photograph to do justice. Each piece has so much detail, and is so beautifully put together. The junk chain connecting it all is in itself a work of art. A gift that I will treasure forever - and yet will not be on the wall for a while, as there are so many people I have to show.

I met Dawn on line a few years ago. We didn't strike up a particular friendship - just admired each other's art, and then we went to camp together. This warm, generous, funny woman will be a friend for life. Her positivity about my art, enthusiasm for life and wisdom (all while battling a shocker of a cold) endeared her to me forever. And yet, as it so often happens, she lives four hours away, I do not know her family, nor have we visited each others homes (yet) . I do know her parents run an animal rescue - a great heritage! What a wonderful world I landed in when I began to play with paper!


carmel said...

What lucky girl you are! it is just divine. Inspirational.

Carmel x

dogfaeriex5 said...

i just love those colors! it is so nice to get that unexpected parcel in the mail, isnt it! it is an automatic smile maker.

Natalie B said...

Hi Julie
I left a message here the other day, but it has disappeared. Isn't this just the most gorgeous creation! Such a clever girl is our Dawny. Lucky you to receive such a fantastic gift. Cheers Natalie

littledawnieno1 said...

To my very secret Mystery muse I say big hug to you and so glad you like your gift. I really enjoyed making this for you my lovely friend, and I think the nice thing is you can turn it around, or put new pieces in (12x12
for those that would like to make J a new piece for the future)
I think the mystery muse is a fab swap as I received the women journal (in yummy shellac) from Julie.Just super.
Thanks for the lovely words J. Your a gem
Dawn xxx

Anonymous said...

Lucky girl Jules
x Lainey

Dotee said...

This is beautiful Julie!

I left a long comment the other day but I think it went into limbo land.

This is so stunning and I know Dawnie (as with everything she does) would have put lots of love and energy into it.
Am so glad that you are the recipient of this Mystery Muse!

I agree with every word you wrote about our Dawnie. Such a special, funny, talented and wise woman.

This world of paper has opened up some wonderful connections for you (and me too).
Much love to you my friend

Dotee xoxo