Monday, August 21, 2006

Real Women - 3

Does she travel? Or does she just dream about it?

Today a grotty 12 year old boy said to me, "Miss, I have been reading about over weight people, they usually have low self esteem, do you?" His comment did not upset me. What disturbed me is that he had so little respect, that I know he will go home and repeat the comment, and receive support, not correction from his family.

I love teaching, most of the time, I enjoy supporting teenagers through their emotional years, I like to empower them to choose their futures. I am however concerned that there is such a decline in community support for education and educators. I am also saddened that I teach many students who live in homes without a bookshelf and horrified that there are students who have never seen their parents read (sometimes because they can't).

In contrast I have a wonderful class of 14 year olds that I am teaching for the second year in a row. We are a mixed ability class ranging from a child with Down Syndrome to a couple that are gifted. What a joy it is to see them pull together as a team, to support each other, and to consistently give their best. I really love that their first question Monday morning is, "What did you make on the weekend?" :) This week they are helping each other write cv's and are so good at finding positives about each other - just a little more work on being bold about their own strengths.

And as I escape into another novel or biography I am on vacation - for a few hours at least.


Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

Why are we a nation obsessed with the way we look anyway? Boy life is getting tougher for our little ones. So much pressure on them today to be a certain way, look a certain way and have certain material things. My daughter came home the other day and told of how her teacher had to have a discussion with the class on respect, as one girl had called another fat! And they are only 6 yrs old! I know who the girl was and am horrified at how competitive her parents are and how they 'force' this on the child. I have heard them in class. Horrifies me. Really does. It is wonderful though, that you are still able to see such positives in teaching, no matter what is thrown your way. Big hugs to you and by the way, I love your AB page. Natalie xx

Dotee said...

Love this spread in your book Julie. Yellow is such a positive, and happy color.

It is sad that the 12 year old boy said what he did (very glad you didn't take it on board) and that he has obviously not learnt respect from his parents.

But what a joy the other class is!! I am sure you are a wonderful teacher and help bring out the best in them. I love their first question to you on a Monday - they know you well!

A big hug from me my friend

Dotee xoxo

miss*R said...

Hi Julie, I came by way of Dotee's blog - just want to say, that I take my hat off to teachers, especially those who teach teenagers. Being a mum, I don't know how you have the patience.
I love to read and each of my children had bedtime stories read to them from the time they could listen & one of them is now a parent himself, and he does the same. Sad,that it doesn't happen in every home.
anyhow, it was nice to come and pay a visit, thankyou xo

One Crabapple said...

ha, that little sh** !

If you are overweight , Dear J , I hope that you sat right on top of him and he is never to be heard from again.

Well! that IS how I feel.

(I want you to know I just deleted three paragraphs ranting on this subject of the lack of respect in this world. Then was not a proactive statement - just I took it off !
I should not really comment at all this late at night at work..I am usually too tired to make much sense *** )

On another note !
You are publishing another picture from the Real Women book.
Gawd I love this yellow one.
I have loved each one you have shown.
I am especially interested in that background texture you did. Wonderful!

Love. S

ps. that little stinker.

One Crabapple said...

I think tomorrow I would say :

I have been reading about cheeky children
Did you know...they usually have ignorant parents ?

let him take that thought home to the dinner table for love and support.


Julie H said...

Sandy you are gorgeous! I am overweight and am not hung up about it at all! But, am smiling - giggling actually - and imagining sitting on him. The background is a Claudine Helmuth, rinse-aid resist.

Simply paint canvas with runny acrylic paint (dilute if nec) then dribble the cheapest rinse-aid you can find down it. When dry rub with a damp cloth and where the rinse-aid has connected the paint is removed.