Thursday, August 10, 2006

Comments should work again

I wondered why no comments had been left for so long, even felt a little hurt, then realised I had accidentally turned on a comment moderation facility - and further to that - not left an e-mail for the comments to be run through. Silly, silly me.


Dotee said...

Oh Julie,I was wondering where the comments I had left had gone!! Left a few for you.

Can they be retrieved?
I would never forget you. Read your blog every day. Have you received any emails from me this week?

Big hug to you!!

Julie H said...

Hi Dotee,

I have tried a few things, but at this stage it seems that my messages have gone forever! Thanks for letting me know you tried. Gosh I am vague at the moment. The same day I played with all of this I played with my yahoo - so I have lost a lot of e-mails. I did get the one about being chosen as Diva, Yeah!

Your scrap is in the mail, you should get it tomorrow or Monday. Details you want are in the envelope.
Goodnight my friend

Sulea said...

hi Julie!!!
Thank you for the really nice comments you left on my blog. I visited your blog through the link in your name.
Hope you don't mind, i am going to add your blog to my list of blogs :o)


Naturegirl said...

Silly you silly you so now we catch up!