Saturday, August 26, 2006

Same, same and different.

Hamish asks. "What is wrong with me? Charles is getting all the attention this week!" Seriously here is Hamish sitting on the same lap, in the same location as Charles earlier in the week. Different way up though. The funny little man nudges me until he is picked up and placed on his back on my knee. Thank you to everyone who asked about Charles, he is fine. And yes, it was ok to laugh at the previous post, by the time I wrote it I was standing a little outside of the situation and having a giggle too.
I have had a lovely totally relaxing day today. Lots of sleep, chat with friends, more sleep, a little school work and I did use these few decorated beads for some jewelry. The kids always comment if I wear new clothes or beads - even the boys (One lovely 14 year old commented when I wore new shoes - my feet have even become self conscious!)! I am quite pleased with the pin and will wear one of the strands of beads, the other is for a friend - pieces like this are almost disposable. I can wear them a few times and then perhaps use the beads on an altered book or journal.
Now for a challenge. I bought a new vacuum on Wednesday - tonight I removed it from the car, and I have even taken it out of the box. Oh my goodness, it has two heads! Apparently one is for hard floors (my wooden floor boards) and a turbo (((?))) head for the pet hair. Vacuuming is so, so not my thing, in fact I go without treats once a fortnight to have my beautiful cleaner come and deal with the noisy beast, however, tonight I must. Wish me luck!


dogfaeriex5 said...

ohhhh the face bead looks wonderful on that pin, gallery showpiece, it would also look lovely on a handbag..very very nice, my favorite...

Sulea said...

You make beautiful jewellery, Julie! :o) i too love the face bead. Looks great!

Dotee said...

I love what you have done with the beads Julie! And, the face bead is fantastic.

Hamish looks very happy on your lap :)

Good luck with the new vacuum cleaner - it sounds very modern and efficient!

littledawnieno1 said...

All your bead pieces look fabo Julie.I too love what you have done to the face bead , but think you have captured the red and black theme beautifully.
Very yummy indeed.

Dawn T xxx

One Crabapple said...


Howz that going ? laughing.

I wish I had a new vac. Maybe that would inspire me to (ahem) do it more often too.

My girlfriend bought a DYSON a couple years ago...are you ready for this ? EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS !!!


One Crabapple said...

ps Hello Hamish you sweet old puss !

those beads are still soo intriguing me !
the jewelry is gorgeous.
It is no wonder that the kids are watching you for the next new thing !

I had an interesting person visit my blog - a woman from Turkey.
She started an english blog just to connect with people better here I think... if you are interested or have time...check her out.

I am not sure how yet but isn't this a great opportunity to do something with a group of women so far away ?

I am just thinking...

One Crabapple said...

pss. Let's see those new shoes !

pinar said...

hello.. from I'm off from work as well.. I thank you for your note..
have been in your blog.. back to the archives.. they are all lovely..but the pin.. I like it most..
children are great.. they show you.. the world in a new angle.. seeing what is not seen by adults..
their enthusiasm is so pure.. you can't resist seeing the world from their point of view =))

Julie H said...

Thanks for all the great comments. I confess that after the first flush of enthusiasm for the vacuum I have not touched it again.

So great to meet Pinar, it would be ownderful to do some sort of swap.

One Crabapple said...

Hamish cracks me up here (As I come back to take a look again)

He looks like he is inspecting his nails...

Julie H said...

Hehe, that was what I thought.