Thursday, August 24, 2006

Work in Progress and a Deadly Visitor

Last night I fiddled with these beads until about midnight. I could of played all night - as you can see my mind bounced from style to style. I decided to finish off some of these, make some more, and make them up into jewelry over the weekend.

In an effort to wind down and get sleepy I hopped into the bath with a gin and tonic and a good book. I wish they made G and T perfume - love just getting a whiff of it. So there I am reclining one foot hanging out of the bath, two slices of freshly picked lemon floating in my drink and a trashy historical romance - guaranteed sleep material.

I hear Charles (He's been getting to much publicity lately, hence no new photo) crash, bang, thump, run ... Mildly annoyed by his bouncing on the wooden floorboards I picture him playing with one of his toy mice. Yep, at 3 1/2 he still loves to play. A favourite is to push a mouse under one of the floor rugs then dive under from the other side and look for it. Alternatively he will hide his toy behind one of the dining table legs and then spring to the kitchen, There he spins until dizzy runs back to the dining table and tries to find his mouse. I have no worries about his playing. And then a call of nature ...

As I make a nude dash (picture me wrapped in a towel, or still covered in bubbles if it helps), through the kitchen, I pause to adjust the gas heater, and glance down.

Hear palpitations, quickly drawn breaths ... there is a snake on the mat in front of the fire. Not to be too dramatic I will tell you that later, much later, I measured it and it was 52cm long about 21" for my American friends. Back to the gasping and hyper-ventilating. Is it alive? I am nude and it is 1.00am. Can't leave it - it might wriggle away. Where is Charles, is he ok? (Well, obviously or I would not be writing this). Brave, be brave ... Grab the barby tongs - quick grab the snake by the head - don't breathe at all during process.

Aaagh, dead ... head is damaged, bit missing from middle. It is dead. Keep tongs held tightly, find bag. Drop in clear plastic bag, tie top.

Hamish still asleep on study chair ... check. Phantom still asleep in lounge ... check. Charles on bed ... check, breathing, not sure, wake him up. Breathing... check. Start lap top. Wake Charles every minute to check he is alive (note, Charles is not happy at being woken frequently after an hours exercise), use other hand to Google Western Australian Snakes - all the time watching dead snake in bag ....

You are getting the picture. After no luck with Google and realising that at 3.00am it is 2 hours since I set off for the toilet I find that I am too scared to use the loo, after all there could be another one curled up under the seat! Well there could be, after all 30 years ago the 'Big Bad Wolf' lived down the loo at night. I pop the snake in the freezer and try to sleep. Then I start to imagine that this is not the first snake that Charles has brought in through the cat door, that he has let go of the others before he killed them ... after all every snake has a Mum, and a Dad, and google did say snakes have large litters ...

Well after no sleep at all I set off for work, with my now frozen snake on the seat beside me. It was identified there as a young tiger snake, highly venomous at any age ... It seems that Charles may have risked one of his nine lives last night and I have now had a very long afternoon nap.

Time to try for sleep, in the dark, again.


Natalie B said...

Hi Julie

I wasn't sure whether to laugh or cry with you on this one. The way you've written your experience is very funny, but the whole snake thing is not so funny. We had many many many near misses on the farm, so I can totally relate.

One movie I definitely wont be seeing is Snakes on a Plane! EEEEEEEEeekkkk.... Glad you and all furry friends are ok. Big hugs Natxx

Dotee said...

Oh Julie, how very scary!!! I was admiring your beautiful collage beads (stunning by the way - can't wait to see the jewelry you make with them) and then I started reading about the snake.

I agree with Nat I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I was reading your story. You are a fabulous writer and I could imagine how your felt every step of the way.

So glad that all of your animals are ok and that the snake was dead!
I cringed when I read about you picking up the snake with tongs. You are so brave. And, when you were very vulnerable naked too.

My goodness, what a thing to happen. I hope that Charles doesn't ever do this again.

And, very challenging when you live on your own too.

I wouldn't have wanted to go to the toilet after that either.

And, I don't want to see that movie ' Snakes on a plane' - ick!

Big hugs to you. Hope you slept better last night. So glad you are all ok.

Dotee xoxo

dogfaeriex5 said...

well first and foremost, i love the beads, the face bead is my favorite!! second~that charles is a pip, i say, i think they he sees a play toy and not something dangerous! wow, i am a wreck just thinking about it....ugh!! hope he is doing okay, keep us posted on the galiant knight!~ thirdly~you might be in luck on the fragrance of gin & tonic, i will try and get some samples on paper and send them your way....take care~k

One Crabapple said...

oh my gawd I had to finally stop and laugh out loud here at work when I got to "two hours since I set off for the toilet"

oh my GAWDDD Julie. What a night. I was completely awed by your quick thinking and that you were doing all fof this pretty much NAKED (except for bubbles) WITH a G&T in ya ! Thank goodness you HAD had a drink might have been what helped you get thru it !

YOu did not say but I was thinking you probably needed another good drink after all that. it was a venomous snake too. GULP ! That Charles....! jeepers. I think you might be right that he must have used one of his nine lives....!

whew. And thank goodness he got it !
Where did that crazy snake come from ? will certainly not forget this soon....holy cow.

(thanks for a great read and much laughter the way you wrote it. I was glued !!!)

One Crabapple said...

And I totally forgot about the beads by the end there ! I love the beads ! I was fascinated by them !

littledawnieno1 said...

You brave girl JH. I think your story is so well written as you made me feel like i was there with you every step of the way ( I followed the bubbles)
So glad it ended without anyone being hurt or injured.
love your beads my lovely

Hug Dawn T xxx