Sunday, March 30, 2008

Handware and a visitor.

I am quite surprised at how simple this piece appears after the hours of hammering, twisting, drilling and wrapping as I experimented. The old clock keys are a treat to work with, the volcano beads a perennial favourite and the central button a gift from Dad. I did feel bad about drilling the button but I could not get it to hang well using the shank.
Dawn blessed me with a Gizmo - a simple and amazing little tool for making the copper wire coils. I decided on the loosely woven silk ribbons for a tie closure because this one needs to be worn high and will need to be different lengths depending whether it is worn over turtle neck jumpers or against the skin.
Look at this lovely little Gecko, I have no idea why he ventured inside but his soft velvety skin, and delicate feet were a treat to behold late last night.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Are you feeling legless?

Ok, silly title I know, but it gets harder and harder to think of blog titles. These earrings are my latest design featuring antique bisque doll legs and ostrich egg trade beads. I love these, but no longer wear earrings so these will appear on my Etsy.

The legs are part of a lot I bought from Germany. Thuringia in Germany was home to a lot of bisque factories, and was especially known for its dolls. It was the habit of factory owners to bury their seconds so when World War One came many buried all their fired pieces, assuming they would come back to them. History tells us that depression followed and then the horrors of World War Two. All this time the doll parts lay underground. I am selling some of 'my' legs on Etsy and I know that Judy has some adorable little torso's on hers. (Update: Judy has cleared her Etsy presumably because she is headed off to Artfest to teach - woohoo another Aussie flies the flag).

It is a cool evening so I am off to make pumpkin soup - yummo!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ramblings Late at Night

This is a bracelet I made for my Sister-in-Law, in fact, this is my SIL's hand. I loved this bracelet, light, bright and simple to look at - but very time consuming to make. Wrapping the wire with the constraint of the little chain loops was harder than I anticipated. None-the-less, just looking at this one makes me smile.

My life is really full at the moment. Work is going really well - but is intense, my social life is expanding and there are a few challenges more than usual to face. I am keeping my head above water and seem to be making my way safely. If I am a bit slow to post or get back to you at the moment then please forgive me. That said, I am going to use a little of this Easter weekend to update my Etsy, catch up on blogs and e-mails and find my desk within the cave.

Please take a moment to remember why we have this break; Jesus.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Things 7 Things More?

Four or five blog friends have tagged me to list 5 (and 7) things you/they don't know about me; or unusual things about me. I have been rude long enough - time to respond.

1. I love natural light and leave all curtains open. I don't have window coverings on most of my windows. I even sleep with my bedroom curtains open.
2. I am not a nudist, but I loathe wearing clothes; especially around me legs. I walk in from work, strip off shoes, jewellery and skirt or pants within seconds. All knocks on the door result in the cry of, "Wait a minute I have to find some clothes." This causes problems with number one (above), not for me, but new neighbours. No problem for waiting visitors, I have a bench by the front door for this purpose.

3. I don't hear music. That is, there is nothing wrong with my hearing but my head does not let music in and I have a whole rack of pre-2000 (when I gave up buying music) CD's that I have some of idea of the first song and no idea of the rest. I put a CD on, Maire Brennan is a favourite - consciously listen to the first few lines then even if I am still in front of the stereo my mind has tripped off elsewhere and only remember I put music on when I see the stereo light flash. Conversely there is a beat inside my head that I like to dance to sometimes.

4. I did, however, grow up hearing Slim Dusty belt out his country ballads over and over again. My anthem for many years was, "Biggest Disappointment" and the chorus is:

And the biggest disappointment in the family was me

The only twisted branch upon our good old family tree

I just couldn't be the person they expected me to be

And the biggest disappointment in the world wa-as me

I am now accepted by my family but as I drive along in the car, or after a couple of drinks by a fire, I will belt this song out with more energy than style. If Dad is with me he will join in with gusto. The tree above is one I see regularly as I walk and it always brings this chorus to mind.

5. I can not like or respect people who are cruel to animals; any animal, ever.

6. I taught myself to read before going to school and still read several books a week; biography, autobiography, mystery, drama, history and when all else fails; whatever trash I can get my hands on.

7. I love fresh food but do not buy fresh onions. I have dried and frozen - organic and tear free.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I was feelin' blue....

... and a little bit flat, as I sat in The Cave a.k.a. my creative zone when I reached for another tube of paint and my hand was stilled, my heart lifted. I can not get enough of the 'love fest' that is taking place in my animal family. See Harvey reach for Arch'? ... and my boy oblige, a good tongue bath.
Bliss for Harvey as Archer cleans the back of his head - love that squishy face!
Finally they notice I am there; I feel, momentarily, like an intruder, as if I have stumbled into someones bedroom.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Art, Age and an Awesome Wedding

One of my New Years Resolutions was not to colour my hair for a year. Yes, a year, without putting those chemicals on my head. I have been colouring my hair for almost 20 years - blonde, red, chestnut, auburn, and my favourite Indian Summer. I lived with two hairdressers as an 19 year old - hence the early start -and some very creative colours. When planning for a dear friends wedding it was hard - very hard, to stay with natural, grey at the temples, three and a half inches of re-growth and more grey spattered through.
I had fun getting ready though - even found a few minutes for self portraits in the bathroom.
Painting my toe nails took hours. Choose a colour, apply first coat. Touch dry - umm too dark. Apply second different colour. Touch dry - apply third coat. Head for the shower, dry feet - wipe off most of the polish.
OK, no nail polish remover. Ummm what about that Tim Holtz stuff for removing alcohol inks. Nope that didn't work either. OK. Paint over toes again. Let dry - really dry. Add second coat. Yep - almost two hours and the toes were done. Cute? Yep. Make me feel good? Yep.
Kerry and Frank were married at a beautiful local vineyard. I don't think there was a dry eye as we joined in their day - and shared their joy. I am going to miss this woman so much as she moves to be with Frank, and yet I am overjoyed that she has found her 'Honey Bee' and is happy. ( I just accidentally deleted the photo of them together from here-will try to add it tomorrow).
Isn't Kerry beautiful, just glowing as she signs the register.
I had a wonderful night Kerry had sat me next to a good friend Ann (a stamper extraordinaire) who happens to be three years younger than I. This is mentioned because just as dinner was being served one of the 'Aunt's' asked if Ann was my daughter!!! Boy did I regret that NY Resolution!
Here's Mrs Kerry and her beautiful little friend Zana this morning (don't you love the way Z is wearing the bows from the gifts?). And this is the bird bath I commissioned my parents to make for them. The bottom is pieces of farm machinery welded and painted by my Dad and the top a plow disc - which my Mum mosaiced (um.. is that a word?). They are so talented!

For my own creation, I left it until the night before the wedding to decide what to wear and hence was making this looooonnnnnnnggg necklace until the early hours of Saturday morning. It includes three special beads my friend Dot gave me, a beautiful pearl shell heart from Sandy and a centre piece made of an escutcheon and a button.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Conversations

The Maori may rub noses but I have always found foreheads easier to aim for.
Sure, you can suck my whiskers, we're headed in the same direction.
Tell me Babe, do you still love me?

Monday, March 03, 2008

Fun and Frustration

I recently purchased both address and guest books in bulk and I had a lot of fun decorating one of each, and a notebook over the past few days. I've popped these ones on my ETSY, but Mum and a friend have already commissioned four as gifts so I guess I will be playing with these for a while. The picture below shows the books before altering ( I have put a few of them on Etsy too) and some of the treasures Dad had for me today. I can't show you the rest yet as they are to make a gift for my brother.
The frustration is my jewellery, I have made a few gift pieces lately and will be able to share in a week or two, but my hands are not obeying my head. I have a lot of designs floating through my grey matter and am lacking the skill/training to execute them. From The Cave (as I call my creative zone) come a lot of screams and thumps then rustles; no not hitting my head on the table yet - the sound of failed attempts hitting the bin. Oh and the rustle, me rescuing said failed attempts to recycle parts.
It has been bliss to have a long weekend and I have so enjoyed sleeping, creating and chatting. What a difference one extra day makes.