Sunday, March 16, 2008

5 Things 7 Things More?

Four or five blog friends have tagged me to list 5 (and 7) things you/they don't know about me; or unusual things about me. I have been rude long enough - time to respond.

1. I love natural light and leave all curtains open. I don't have window coverings on most of my windows. I even sleep with my bedroom curtains open.
2. I am not a nudist, but I loathe wearing clothes; especially around me legs. I walk in from work, strip off shoes, jewellery and skirt or pants within seconds. All knocks on the door result in the cry of, "Wait a minute I have to find some clothes." This causes problems with number one (above), not for me, but new neighbours. No problem for waiting visitors, I have a bench by the front door for this purpose.

3. I don't hear music. That is, there is nothing wrong with my hearing but my head does not let music in and I have a whole rack of pre-2000 (when I gave up buying music) CD's that I have some of idea of the first song and no idea of the rest. I put a CD on, Maire Brennan is a favourite - consciously listen to the first few lines then even if I am still in front of the stereo my mind has tripped off elsewhere and only remember I put music on when I see the stereo light flash. Conversely there is a beat inside my head that I like to dance to sometimes.

4. I did, however, grow up hearing Slim Dusty belt out his country ballads over and over again. My anthem for many years was, "Biggest Disappointment" and the chorus is:

And the biggest disappointment in the family was me

The only twisted branch upon our good old family tree

I just couldn't be the person they expected me to be

And the biggest disappointment in the world wa-as me

I am now accepted by my family but as I drive along in the car, or after a couple of drinks by a fire, I will belt this song out with more energy than style. If Dad is with me he will join in with gusto. The tree above is one I see regularly as I walk and it always brings this chorus to mind.

5. I can not like or respect people who are cruel to animals; any animal, ever.

6. I taught myself to read before going to school and still read several books a week; biography, autobiography, mystery, drama, history and when all else fails; whatever trash I can get my hands on.

7. I love fresh food but do not buy fresh onions. I have dried and frozen - organic and tear free.


Janet said...

I had a good laugh over the "no curtains" and "no clothes"....that should be cause for some great stories! I usually take off my shoes and immediately change into something comfortable but I don't want to scare my neighbors so I don't think I'll go nude!!

Can't say I've ever heard that song but it sounds like one I'd like! I think some in my family really wonder about me.

Thanks for giving me a couple of smiles today. I totally agree with #5, and I read all the time, too.

CGHill said...

Agreed on the onions: watery eyes detract from the experience.

Regarding #2: I keep a bathrobe by the door for just such occasions.

Cat said...

You have interesting traits! I stay fully dressed in jeans and t till bedtime, but I bet if I lived in the hot Australia summer I might change my ways!
Thanks for sharing.

jessica said...

julie, thanks for sharing. it is fun.

Still Waters Studio said...

How funny! We don't have curtains either but our neighbors are 1/2 mile away.
I had already figured out the animal part.
I'm glad you're accepted now.

Jane P said...

Love photos of the animals, and I hope I meet more "twisted branches" they are far more interesting than new smooth ones- who knows what wondrous treasures you have yet to show....I have only seen a small part of what you have to offer, and that is incredible.

Ursula Clamer said...

Hi Julie, When I read your number 4 a song came into my head 'Welcome to Wherever You Are'(yes, it's a Bon Jovi!) I'd like to say give it a listen but number 3 prevents me! so I will email you the words when I get a chance. Anyway, theres a line I'll give you now...."Remember that you perfect, God makes no mistake."