Sunday, March 09, 2008

Art, Age and an Awesome Wedding

One of my New Years Resolutions was not to colour my hair for a year. Yes, a year, without putting those chemicals on my head. I have been colouring my hair for almost 20 years - blonde, red, chestnut, auburn, and my favourite Indian Summer. I lived with two hairdressers as an 19 year old - hence the early start -and some very creative colours. When planning for a dear friends wedding it was hard - very hard, to stay with natural, grey at the temples, three and a half inches of re-growth and more grey spattered through.
I had fun getting ready though - even found a few minutes for self portraits in the bathroom.
Painting my toe nails took hours. Choose a colour, apply first coat. Touch dry - umm too dark. Apply second different colour. Touch dry - apply third coat. Head for the shower, dry feet - wipe off most of the polish.
OK, no nail polish remover. Ummm what about that Tim Holtz stuff for removing alcohol inks. Nope that didn't work either. OK. Paint over toes again. Let dry - really dry. Add second coat. Yep - almost two hours and the toes were done. Cute? Yep. Make me feel good? Yep.
Kerry and Frank were married at a beautiful local vineyard. I don't think there was a dry eye as we joined in their day - and shared their joy. I am going to miss this woman so much as she moves to be with Frank, and yet I am overjoyed that she has found her 'Honey Bee' and is happy. ( I just accidentally deleted the photo of them together from here-will try to add it tomorrow).
Isn't Kerry beautiful, just glowing as she signs the register.
I had a wonderful night Kerry had sat me next to a good friend Ann (a stamper extraordinaire) who happens to be three years younger than I. This is mentioned because just as dinner was being served one of the 'Aunt's' asked if Ann was my daughter!!! Boy did I regret that NY Resolution!
Here's Mrs Kerry and her beautiful little friend Zana this morning (don't you love the way Z is wearing the bows from the gifts?). And this is the bird bath I commissioned my parents to make for them. The bottom is pieces of farm machinery welded and painted by my Dad and the top a plow disc - which my Mum mosaiced (um.. is that a word?). They are so talented!

For my own creation, I left it until the night before the wedding to decide what to wear and hence was making this looooonnnnnnnggg necklace until the early hours of Saturday morning. It includes three special beads my friend Dot gave me, a beautiful pearl shell heart from Sandy and a centre piece made of an escutcheon and a button.


Dawnie said...

Love the locks any colour my friend and GREAT SHOES ! Those toes were the perfect shade I think (had to be after two hours of 'preping' them, HA)
Now Kerry looked STUNNING and that bird bath !!! A super gift. You made the perfect necklace of course. In all a wonderful post.
Miss you girlie

Dawnie xxx

Sue Smith said...

Love those sassy green shoes, with such cute toe nails!
The necklace is fabulous!
Have a great week!

Dot said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the wedding and enjoyed getting dolled up.

You are brave to not dye your hair. Can't remember last time I saw my natural color (but I am lucky that I haven't seen any grey hairs either).

Your shoes and nails looked gorgeous. Would have loved to have seen a full length shot of you so I could have admired your gorgeous necklace on you. What an amazing work of art! Glad you could use some of the beads I sent you too.

Sending lots of love your way my friend.

Dotee xoxo

P.S I love the mosaic bird bath - your parents are very clever!

Janet said...

Now I know you come by all your creativity naturally. That birdbath is just beautiful.

And I guess I'm not the only one who messes up my toenails when I try to put polish on them! Yours turned out looking so pretty and I love those shoes!! But the best part is that stunning necklace.

As for your hair, I think the color looks just fine. Now when you get as much grey as I have then you might worry!! I gave up coloring it a long time ago and haven't looked back.

jessica said...

hello julie, thanks for stopping by. your prayers are always welcome. thank you.
love your little story here.

Still Waters Studio said...

I love the little glimpses of your life and friends and art. The necklace is beautiful and your parents are very talented. What a great wedding gift.
The gray is creeping into my hair too, but I keep adding blond streaks so that they are camouflaged.
Have a blessed day.

Me said...

Okay that has to be close to the most awesomest bird bath I have ever seen. A plow disk. Makes me want to run out to Kansas and beg one off a farmer who knew me when I was a child. ;) (I would commission one myself but I hate to think how much it would cost to ship it here. Aaaack.

The necklace is beautiful of course - but I think you top the necklace. Love the self-ports. ;)

Ro Bruhn said...

Great photos Julie, I love the ones that add an air of mystery, so much more interesting. Beautiful necklace too, and what talented parents, fabulous bird bath.

Megan P said...

How wonderful to whip up the perfect accessory for your outfit. Did you know that grey is the new blonde!

Lost Aussie said...

Love the necklace you made for the wedding and your toes turned out pretty well too!
Your "fur family" pics are wonderful, I swear my dog thinks she is a cat but thank goodness she is too big to get up on the table with the paints!
Oh- and stick with the NY resolution, I've never died my hair yet and am hoping that the 'aging gracefully' will work for me too! You are not alone :-)

Karen Cole said...

OK...I see no grey hair in that photo. It looks lovely.

Nice necklace, too.

Judy said...

yeah wheres the grey, bet i have more than you.

One Crabapple said...

You are so brave with the hair thing. It will be so good for your hair !!! Good for you . YOu look beautiful anyway, I dont know what you are talking about saying it was SO HARD to go with a three inch grow out. I see nothing wrong here !

I love your toes and the shoes are cute too. You look like a million !

And the necklace - I saved that until last because it is AMAZING (again !)

Love, S

Janine said...

Like the others have said, where's the gray? lol Your toe polish turned out great.... and the shoes are divine! Fabulous necklace as always! xo