Monday, March 03, 2008

Fun and Frustration

I recently purchased both address and guest books in bulk and I had a lot of fun decorating one of each, and a notebook over the past few days. I've popped these ones on my ETSY, but Mum and a friend have already commissioned four as gifts so I guess I will be playing with these for a while. The picture below shows the books before altering ( I have put a few of them on Etsy too) and some of the treasures Dad had for me today. I can't show you the rest yet as they are to make a gift for my brother.
The frustration is my jewellery, I have made a few gift pieces lately and will be able to share in a week or two, but my hands are not obeying my head. I have a lot of designs floating through my grey matter and am lacking the skill/training to execute them. From The Cave (as I call my creative zone) come a lot of screams and thumps then rustles; no not hitting my head on the table yet - the sound of failed attempts hitting the bin. Oh and the rustle, me rescuing said failed attempts to recycle parts.
It has been bliss to have a long weekend and I have so enjoyed sleeping, creating and chatting. What a difference one extra day makes.


Janet said...

The fun part is fantastic! Love those books. I must say a few of those parts your dad found look very painful!!

As for the frustration part, I can relate to that. I think I spend a lot of my time in that same place! You seem to figure things out though because your art is always beautiful.

Judy said...

The books look great - nice pressies. Thanks for my blog comment too

Me said...

I am so glad we got to see a before - it is fun to see where your stuff starts and to marvel and the transformation.

Ursula Clamer said...

LOL! I love the way you write.
I can fully relate to your feelings, and I love your term for your creative zone. They are great looking journals Julie. Ux

Jacky said...

Thanks for the before and after pictures... love these new journals etc. The rusting looks amazing. No wonder your mum etc. snapped them all up as gifts. Nothing like a personalised journal, address book.
Love to your furry friends too - hows my friend Harvey settling in?

Sue Smith said...

Hi Julie, these books are just fab and a wonderful gift idea! No wonder you've got orders for these piling up. I'd love to do a swap with you over a cuppa sometime soon.

Karen Cole said...

Fabulous books, Julie!!....and the door knocker.

oooooo those "combs"....what an inspiration.

Cat said...

This is funny, the only medium I am comfortable with is fabric, yet when I look at your wonderful art... it makes me want to push the envelope a bit... I found myself looking at blank journals today in a bookstore! I knew it was from looking at this post.

You make good art!

Debbi Baker said...

Fabulous covers Julie!! And I totally relate to the frustration you have been experiencing - my only suggestion (one I try on myself regularly) is just to let it all flow and not to try and make it work a particular way!