Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ramblings Late at Night

This is a bracelet I made for my Sister-in-Law, in fact, this is my SIL's hand. I loved this bracelet, light, bright and simple to look at - but very time consuming to make. Wrapping the wire with the constraint of the little chain loops was harder than I anticipated. None-the-less, just looking at this one makes me smile.

My life is really full at the moment. Work is going really well - but is intense, my social life is expanding and there are a few challenges more than usual to face. I am keeping my head above water and seem to be making my way safely. If I am a bit slow to post or get back to you at the moment then please forgive me. That said, I am going to use a little of this Easter weekend to update my Etsy, catch up on blogs and e-mails and find my desk within the cave.

Please take a moment to remember why we have this break; Jesus.


Janet said...

Things seem to be going good for you. That makes me smile. I love seeing people be happy with their life and to enjoy the things they're doing. I hope your Easter weekend is just what you've planned.

The bracelet is so pretty. The red and silver look so fresh and simple.

Doreen G said...

A lovely bracelet Julie and I am pleased to see that you have reached a happy space in your life.
Have a relaxing Easter and I agree with you about remembering why we have this holiday it seems to have been forgotten by many.

Cat said...

Sweet bracelet! I love red. The delicate chainwork is great.

Easter brings everything new - the spring flowers, eggs, bunnies, butterflies, green grass... and I see my broken chains at the foot of an old cross. Yahoo for Jesus and new life!

Be blessed, Cat

Megan P said...

Wonderful red Julie. Have a peaceful Easter - glad your life is so content.

Natalie B said...

As always Julie, your work is just breathtaking. This is a lovely and intricate bracelet. Your SIL is very lucky. Have a lovely weekend. Hugs Natxx

Ursula Clamer said...

WOW! Julie, I love this bracelet...lucky SIL. If you ever make a nother for ETSY can you please let know. Happy Easter. Ux

Dot said...

This bracelet is so beautiful Julie. I love the simplicity of the red with the silver.

Am pleased that your social life is expanding and that you are taking time for yourself too (you are worthy of taking time out for you).

Lots of love from me and the kitties xoxo

Dawnie said...

A stunning pressie for SIL and Im sure she was so pleased.
A full life for you right now which is great,but dont loose sight of yourself.
Some pics of that desk in the cave would be FAB,he-he.
Thinking of you

Hug ya
ME xxx

Holly Loves Art said...

Those little legs were made for walkin'! How unique and fabulous, Julie! Love them. Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

Take care,

Holly Loves Art said...

oops... just realized I posted this in the wrong section... well... I'm sure you know what I am referring to. :)