Wednesday, March 05, 2008

March Conversations

The Maori may rub noses but I have always found foreheads easier to aim for.
Sure, you can suck my whiskers, we're headed in the same direction.
Tell me Babe, do you still love me?


Still Waters Studio said...

It's so wonderful when cats and dogs make friends. How unlike their portrayal in cartoons and movies.

Janet said...

These photos are so cute! How nice that they're all friends.

Cat said...

Look at that!!! I'd say that sweet Harvey is in the clan now!!! This is so sweetly amazing!

I have a long ways to go on Jet and Annie! Jet is the typical shy black cat and Annie the bouncie wanna play puppy. But Jet is starting to tolerate a wee little bit!

stormyau said...

Very cute! You captioned them just right Julie. Love those covers from the previous post too. Jess said she really liked the numbers and letters one so I may have to try something like that myself.


Janine said...

Love the pics of Archer and pals.... Harvey is definitely coming around which is great to see!

Dot said...

Oh Julie - these photo's just warm my heart! Harvey looks so relaxed and happy (and doesn't seem to mind having his photo taken at all now). I love the relationship between him and Archer. Such a happy kitty and doggy household!

Jacky said...

How sweet Julie... you are such a great photographer!
Your animals look very happy and content. I can see Harvey has a great friend in Archer.

One Crabapple said...

yehhh- Phantom says What the heck is going on ? You are My Dogg !