Sunday, August 13, 2006


The week has been kind, one wet day, several wet nights (to soothe the conscience of a farmers' daughter) and sunny, sunny days. Days where just lifting my head for a quick look out a class room window, makes me smile on the inside.

I know we all smile at each other and in doing so give joy - and often if bounces right back at us.

I am also beginning to realise that not everyone is as conscious of their inner smiles as I am. The smile, seen on the outside which is a response to my heart's smile.

A smile when I see the back of a toddler trustingly holding his mother's hand (not realising it is he, not she, who is giving the gift).
A smile when I see an agapantha newly budded and nodding in the breeze.
A smile when my floorboards are clean and shiny underfoot.
A smile when I complete a piece of art and it speaks ot me.
A smile when I go to my mailbox and find a handful of letters with handwritten addresses.

I could go on and on.

Am I simple? If so, then I am glad, because to be able to take joy in the very small things of life means there is a smile around every corner. A smile which lasts, because my heart smiles are stored there and can be taken out at a later date.

Not great dinner time conversation:
I saw a cat asleep in the sun three weeks ago, and it made me smile.
It's paw was curled around it's button pink nose.
And it was adorable. I have held the memory to make me smile, when I am stifled by the mundane of work and chores ......... and dinner parties.

So perhaps inner smiles are not meant to be shared, and perhaps we all have them. Perhaps the wise keep them to themselves.

My Brother, SIL and neice will be over today, a visit to make me smile ...


Naturegirl said...

This post truly made me smile..particulary about the cat! Cats grooming make me smile I have 3.

Dotee said...

What a lovely post Julie..

I think inner smiles are just as important as outer smiles.

And light us up from the inside.

I liked what you wrote about being able to take joy in very small things. It does make life special doesn't it?

Some of the things that make me smile on the inside are:

Hearing my cat Ronnie snore when he is relaxed and happy.

Huggling Esmeralda and rocking her and hearing her loud purr of bliss in return.

Looking at the clay veggies on my kitchen bench.

Seeing older couples walking hand in hand.

Having a friendly interaction with someone during my day. Whether is it a courier at work, the postie , or someone at my local shops.

Mail in my letter box from friends.

Buterflies sunbaking in the winter sun.

The feeling of pleassure that stays with me after seeing a dear friend.

Hope your day with your brother, sister-in-law and niece was lovely.

Sending one of those outer Dotee smiles to you...

Dotee xoxo
P.S Would rather have you as a dinner guest and hear about your inner smiles than many people I could mention!

Sulea said...

hi Julie,
This is such a beautiful topic.i feel the same way about life and inner smiles/love. I think about this all the time.

Like Dot, i believe that it lights us up on the inside and fills us up with love but I also feel that this love is the unconditional love and understanding that connects all beings and universe together from the inside out. :o)

Thank you for writing about this! i loved reading it.


One Crabapple said...

oh Julie

What a beautiful




I enjoyed every word of it.

I had many smiles while I read and nodded to your thoughts and descriptions.

It's funny because I know I was just here and didn't see some of this art.
I wonder if Blogger and I have some out of sync thing going on

Anyway, I love this little Mona Lisa type of smiling girl you have here. HEr inner smile at some thought she holds sacred for moments of endurance.

And I love your idea here and intend to start storing pictures for the more painful moments (i.e., sitting in traffic, listening to a droning voice, worrying over things I can't change...)