Sunday, September 10, 2006

Aim, shoot, and I have eyelashes!

Delirious from lack of sleep, not having brushed my hair for 18 hours, and with no make-up I decide to take pictures of myself while waiting for a computer update.

The result ... about 10 photos I am happy with ... The first I have liked in years.
And yes, I like the colour versions too, will use some another day ...

Note: If you wish to try this at home shooting from above not only removes double chins, but triple too.


Dotee said...

Julie - you are beautiful without makeup and without your hair brushed! Thankyou for sharing photo's of yourself. The black and white looks very striking!

Love your hair. My hair is so short and boring I love hair that is longer and has character.

Mmm....maybe I should try the photo's from above so I can hide my double chin :)

Hope you have been able to sleep now.

And, many thanks for your comments on my posts this past weekend. Look forward to seeing your dollies (whooo hooo).

Much love

Dotee xoxo

Natalie B said...

Julie these are great. How did you take them of yourself? Very clever and the black and white definitely looks striking. I agree with Dot in that your hair is gorgeous and you have such a lovely natural beauty about you. I couldn't imagine you with a lot of make-up on anyway. Hope you get some sleep soon. Big hugs Nat xx

Julie H said...

You two are so sweet. Nat, I simply held my camera in the air looked at it to make it sort of line up, looked away and clicked.

Natalie B said...

Oh well that's just too easy!! LOL I thought you must have had a camera on top of your computer or something like that... hehe. Well they just look great and you should be pleased. Nat

pinar said...

I first thought that you used the camera of the computer.. but those pictures were so nice.. pc cameras make you look like ghosts.. now I understand after reading your answer to Nat.. how good you look .. under these conditions..
I like the pieces you prepared for the scrapbook design..
enjoy your week..

Kelly W said...

Oh Julie,
These are gorgeous - simply stunning in the black and white. I hope you've managed to get some R&R time just for you.

Take care

Sulea said...

hehe thanks for the tip about the double/triple chin angle!!! LOL love your black and white photos.. couldn't tell that you were holding it in the air! love your natural look.. i took a photo the other day of me after i had done some collages in my pyjamas ROFL.. didn't have the nerve to post it online though. LOL :o)


kelly rae said...

oh these are so great. you have such perfect skin and that hair is to die for!!!