Sunday, October 25, 2009

Moth and My Boys

This is the underside of a fairly common white moth as viewed through the pale blue glass window in my bathroom, at night time. a thing of beauty, almost ethereal. What have I been busy with as the boys slumber and slink through the house? A little family, some sewing, planting a vegetable patch, and enjoying the sunshine which has finally come to this corner of the world.
I took photo's today of some wonderful art I received over the last month, and will post again soon. for now it is off to sleep, to enjoy the coolish night with my purr babies and woofy boy - all snoring at various volumes!


Kath said...

That moth is gorgeously weird, altho we do have blue butterflies here in England. Your cats look devine, I wanted to reach into the picture and have a cuddle! Kath x

Narrative jewelry said...

Always happy to have news from you, your purr babies are so cute, enjoy all the time you can spend with them and the woofy boy.


Jen Crossley said...

I love the boys they are too cute for words.
What a awesome picture of the Moth

Jeanie said...

Super serious gasp on that blue moth. Amazing. And love to see your cats! I love 'em~

Janet said...

When I first looked at the photo of the moth I thought it was felted! It looks so beautiful! Great shot!

And your boys are so cute, too. I'm glad you have some sunshine and nice's finally cooled off here and I'm loving it.

Dot said...

Hi Julie
l love how you see beauty in every day life. The photo of the moth is beautiful, and very serene.
And you know how much I adore seeing photo's of your boys.
How happy and relaxed does Harvey look!
Dot xx

Dot said...

P.S There is nothing like the sound of our fur babies snoring is there ? :)

Jacky said...

Julie those kitties look very happy and content...enjoying the warm spring sunshine no doubt.

Jacky xox

dogfaeriex5 said...

ethereal is so right! and the fur babies are so darling, i have 2 new kittens a brother and sister, wren & owen and a big ginger male named irah! we adopted from my daughters vet clinic.....nothing like a purring kitty...take care, my friend..xox

Catherine V. Bainbridge said...

Hello, I ma new to you blog. I am catching up on your old posts. I'm having a wonderful time! I especially like the image of the moth behind glass here. If I hadn'tt been reading your comments I would've said taht that was fiber and stiches... well, it is, but not by human hands, right?

Nice to meet you! Look forward to reading more.