Saturday, January 30, 2010

A bracelet and a winner...

Congratulations to Linda on being closest with the list of items. The serrated strip was from my roll of cling film. The "washer" was actually the metal circle from an old bra strap. Linda please send me your address and post-it preference.
The bracelet above is a charm bracelet of sorts, and much as I love it, it is listed in my ETSY (SOLD).Can you imagine my joy when I found this amazing old wooden box full of rusty nails at my local tip-shop? A real holiday treat, and I am so proud of my friends for hiding their complete horror at my purchase choice.
And finally one of the joys of life is my darling nephew, we've spent hours playing with pegs (Archer was not so keen on that one - the dear boy had Archers ears pegged all over), drinking imaginary cups of tea, tickling and laughing. Joy.


Xanapan said...

Lovely bracelet Julie - wonderful work as always. Love the 'peg play' - funny how children can be amused for hours with simple things like this - one of life's joys :-) Hope start of school year will be kind for you.

Me said...

I like the container that the nails came in!

Lost Aussie said...

Love the bracelet, the workmanship is extraordinary!
Hope you enjoyed your summer hols and are ready for the New Year!

Janet said...

The bracelet is beautiful!

Your friends should know that you would love a box of anything rusty!!

Dawnie said...

just lovely julie

Kath said...

Well done Linda, a worthy winner. I love that bracelet Julie, how can you bear to part with it!

Debrina said...

Julie - I'd never ever think to use a bra strap adjuster in my work! The beauty of altered art, aye? The charm bracelet is charming indeed! I'm off to your Etsy store to have a closer look!

Still Waters Studio said...

Very lovely bracelet! I can see why it sold so fast.
I've enjoyed looking at your other summery photos while I'm here in the snow.

Gaby Bee said...

This bracelet is terrific, as usual!
Love such rusty stuff as well ;-)

Jeanie said...

Congrats to Linda! I bet the shopkeeper thought "FINALLY! I thought no one would EVER buy that old box of nails!" And what a great find it was!

One Crabapple said...

cracked me up about the nail find...but then realized I totally and completely understood

sorry for me that I missed getting in on that beautiful bracelet giveaway

WHAT a sweeetness that photo is of nephew and pegs and hands....

Love the description of poor Archer and imaginary cups of tea being sipped

You are such a natural writer.

xo. S.

One Crabapple said...

ohohoh I see, as I scroll down (Catching up)

it was not the bracelet for the give away. I GET IT.

well so sorry I Missed Out on the giveaway for the NECKLACE !

One Crabapple said...

ahem me again

so I jumped in to write that last comment before I finished the post before

thinking I was saving myself from being one of my pet peeves on blog comments

people who think they know what I have posted but when you read their comment you realize they didn't get your post / read it at all....

so yes, Now I am back to say that it was not necessarily the necklace being given away

and to tell you

really. I . Do. Pay . Attention .

now...did I miss the part where Linda picked WHICH ITEM ?

or do you want to wash your hands of me altogether?

whatever you decide, I have to go now because in scrolling I saw a KITTEN and more pet photos and I am anxious to get to see whats going on there !


オテモヤン said...


lindacreates said...

Julie, I received my wonderful Post it magnet today!!!!!!!! I love it!
Thank you so much. It is already on the refrigerator.

The bracelet is super and already SOLD! Congratulations. Can't wait to see what you do with the nails.