Friday, January 15, 2010

Something for me and something for you...

It is lovely to have time to create and nothing I “have to” make. This necklace has been in my head for months, an old wall hook; rusted and left, some washers, sari silk, an owl in resin, a bullet casing (thanks to one of my students for that), vintage beads and carved cinnabar all combined with copper, brass and steel.
I couldn't resist wandering around the garden and taking pictures of this piece in different lights, on different backgrounds, it has been so, so long since I made a feature piece of jewellery such as this.
I always enjoy the contrast between strong and delicate, old and new, salvaged and made. I think this one is for me.
The old water tank, above had been put out for roadside collection, I rang my brother and convinced him I needed it; is to become my herb garden, a job for next week.
I have cleaned up my garden a lot this past week and been amazed by the number of nests tucked in bushes, obviously my purr-babies don’t scare the birds away. This nest really made me smile, authentic twigs, insects, and leaves on the outside and green acrylic filler on the inside – another contrast.
The magnetic post it-note holders were an eye opener. I was attempting to make something using found objects for a possible class and bemoaned my attempts. Until I realised the only objects designed for art were the Collection images I have had for many years, and five split pins.
All of the other items are salvaged and re-purposed.

I will send one of these pieces (your choice) to the first person to identify all the non-paper elements. Good Luck!


Narrative jewelry said...

Julie, your new necklace is so beautiful, so inspiring, that's the first time i love red to wear. Great work. The little cards are just so pretty.
Concerning the non paper, i will try fossilized tree. Even if it looks like stone, i do not believe it is.

Cuddles to your Little.


lindacreates said...

Your necklace is fabulous! Love your magnetic post-it note holders.
Here's a go:
pencil, old key, serrated metal strip, old thumb tacks, twine, rubber gasket, wire, fabric swatch, and maybe cheesecloth.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh trust my sis Linda to be ahead of me LOL
Here go's but Im too late
Pencil,Old key,hessan,Tape measure cloth,
wax thread ,fabric,brads,cotton thread,ribbon staple.
I love your new necklace just awesome Julie

Kath said...

What fun! I am guessing,canvass, hack saw blade, brads, Pencil,Old key, raffia,hessian,waxed and linen threads, washer and string!
I love the necklace, the red is delicious and I adore the owl!

Dale said...

your necklace looks so good! I love the mix between found objects and something new too. The carved red pieces really pop against the metals.

Lucy said...

LOVE your necklace Julie, I especially love the red elements, my favourite colour!
Hugs Lucy

Janet said...

What an incredibly beautiful necklace!! I love the touches of red.

Jacky said...

Julie what an amazing piece...of course I love the owl, but the beautiful hook that looks like a celtic cross and those touches of red...perfect!

Jacky xox

Genevieve said...

Great work as always Julie. Here's my guess...Pencil, hessian, vintage tape measure, printed cloth, key, metal ring (washer), hack saw blade, twine, tacks and stitching.


Dot said...

This necklace is stunning Julie! Love the red , and I love the owl (thought of Jacky when I saw the owl).
Dot xx

Lady Di said...

That necklace is amazing. In terms of the items in your other creations I'm guessing: pencil, woven twine, measuring tape fabric strip, metal clips on the corners of photo although it could be waxed thread, rust paint on edges, stamped/aged muslin, metal ring/washer, key, twine on the key & ring, stitching, hack saw blade, tacks or brad ... to be honest, both are just beautiful.

Cat said...

Love the cross necklace! The mix of the elements is great. YES it is a KEEPER!

I see... pencil, twine, measuring tape, and wire in the first one. And I see a piece of cloth, a washer, twine, key, saw blade and rivets in the second.

They are wonderful!

Jeanie said...

I can't begin to identify -- I can simply smile in awe! Ah, recycling is wonderful when it's not smelly cans of tomato paste!

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous necklace Julie, love the colour combinations, your post it notes are great too.

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Charmaine Black said...

Hi Julie, what an exquisite necklace, I love absolutely everything about it and I'm glad to see you're keeping it for yourself for a change, it's really YOU. What fun trying to guess all the goodies in your artwork, I see: a pencil, some material (possibly hessian) string, plastic ties,a washer, a key, split pins,thread, an old hack saw blade and maybe a piece of gauze. Thanks for popping by to see Polly kitten. Lots of inky hugs from Charmaine xx

dogfaeriex5 said...

your necklace is so beautiful, i love your choices in design elements...the red is perfect!xox
ps...kisses to your furry ones..

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