Saturday, June 26, 2010

How time flies..

The last month has flown by, I have had fun etching various items and included a few pieces on this story bracelet.
I am still knitting scarves full of lace, ribbon, beads and pearls - and wearing them too as the cold weather settles around us.
Mr Phantom went missing for a day and a half, and returned with a 'mashed' shoulder and concussion, but seems to be on the mend now.
Archer continues his love affair with Harvey and enjoys keeping warm with Charles or Phantom if they are near by.
I continue to teach, to tutor and to nurture as best I can. Life continues; mostly it is good, very good.


Lost Aussie said...

Everyone looks so snuggly and warm! YOu too by the sounds of things, with lovely scarves aplenty.

Emerald Window said...

I've found that all of the best artists are also animal lovers.

Dale said...

julie, your charm bracelet here looks fantastic. I love all the different, varied charms you have here! what a special take on a charm bracelet!

Doreen G said...

Don't those two look so contented but why not--they are well loved at your place Julie.

Kath said...

A lovely post Julie, I never tire of looking at your imaginative work and the pet photos are a delight.

One Crabapple said...

oh ! Phantom !! How is he doing now ?

You must have been so worried an crushed when you saw his state.

Jeez I sure hope he is recovering.

Thank Goodness he has you to watch over and make sure he is healing -- a concussion !!! oh man.

sounds like a car ? well I just hope he STAYS HOME !

No more Adventure Walks.

As for the rest....the babies, I am delighted ! Everyone is so happy I see.

AND GORGEOUS Bracelet - of course, your jewelry always is.

Looking forward to seeing scarves and smiling to think it is cooling there while it warms up here.

Take Care and don't lose track in the midst of nurturing others - to TREAT YOURSELF too.

Thanks for all these great photos.


Jeanie said...

When I first opened your post and saw your gorgeous bracelet, I thought "Oh! I know exactly what I'll put in my comment first!" But then I read about poor Phantom. I'm awfully glad he is home, and will recover, but you must be terribly concerned. I hope he's OK and he'll be in our kitty prayers. Just love the photos of your menagerie -- I'll tell you, those orange/whities melt my heart! What a fine family!

And back to the art -- the bracelet is a stunner, and I love the idea of knitting with the lace. I must play with that thought!

Always fun to find a new Julie post!

Dot said...

Oh Julie - I am so pleased Phantom is OK! How worrying for you when he went missing. Hope he is on the mend now.
My heart always warms when I see photo's of your babies together. Archer and Harvey have remained special mates haven't they?
Your latest bracelet is stunning with many special details to look at.
Love from me and the kitties.

Melissa said...

mostly it is very, very good... amen...

Gaby Bee said...

Life has been a little hectic here and I haven't left a comment for a while.

Your latest creations are fabulous, Julie!
I always LOVE your jewelry and this charm bracelet is fabulous again!
I am pleased Phantom is back home and hopefully on the mend now.

Have a wonderful upcoming weekend!
Hugs, Gaby

Jen Crossley said...

Your jewerly is wonderful.Love the pictures of the animals so cute.
Take care

Steph said...

Awesome bracelet and it's so good to see your babies!

Kasha Rolley said...

Julie, your animals are soooo cute.

Samantha Marshall said...

I love your beautiful bracelet, Julie!!

jessica said...

love your animal pictures.
how precious.