Saturday, October 27, 2007

An Outing to Smile About

I picked a strange day for a journey, but it was a good one. Today I headed East along the coast to visit with my friend Dawn and her family.
Spring seems to have rushed away and winter has jumped back in to its so recently vacated slot. Just a couple of days ago, Thursday in fact, it was 29C (85F); today the temperature rose to 12C (50F) and we were surprised by loud drifts of hail raining on us from the heavens.
We sat in freezing temperatures chatting about art, family and furry people. It was such a joy to meet Dawn's lovely daughters - what special people. Fun to play 'Greed' (a dice game) with them and to enjoy the fact I was with a most generous friend.
All the attention wore my little man out and he slept almost all the way home. Yes, he is wearing a coat ... I know ... I know ... I may have laughed at 'clothed' dogs in the past, forgive me please, I changed my mind.
Being the forgetful woman I am, I forgot about the camera until I was in the car and well on the way home. However, I enjoy the contrast in the photo's over the Pallinup Bridge in sunlight and the rain falling thickly as I drive.
Mt Manypeaks was a lovely sight, its' two highest peaks dusted with clouds.
Have a safe and warm Sunday. West Aussie's don't forget to adjust your clocks, and I will be back with some art soon.


Janine said...

Julie, I just adore Archer's jacket! My boys actually have a sweater too... but I do like the look of the jacket! lol

The weather over here is similar... one day we have high temps and the next day back to wearing a sweater.....

MaryB said...

Julie, Archer looks quite content in his new clothes. Are you having a shortage on rain? I have another Australian friend who is on water restriction.
Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. I tea-totally forgot about using water when drilling, thanks so much for reminding me, and you explained it so great.
Have A Great Week,

Dot said...

Beautiful photo's Julie and a lovely description of your day with Dawnie and her family.

Love, love the photo of Archer in his jacket - he looks adorable!

Jacky said...

Hi Julie,

How lucky you were to be able to go and spend some time with the vivacious little Dawnie.
I must say that Archer looks very cute indeed in his little jacket (I can now own up to my little dog Oakey having a jacket or two).
Julie your jewellery with the elephant is never cease to amaze me with these gorgeous pieces you design, you are a truly talented jewellery artist/designer.
Your gifts you received in the mail are beautiful as is their recipient.
Jacky xx